Chapter 8

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When we finally arrived at the movie theatre I opened my door as fast as I could, and stumbled out while laughing hysterically.
By the time my laughing was cooling down, my stomach was aching and it felt as if I had done an hour of core exercises. The boys soon followed out of the car still laughing like baboons.
I watched in amusement as they stumbled over each others feet, and fell on the ground on our way to the movie doors.
"L-like how *giggling* can he b-be so stupid?!" Ashton continued to laugh to the point of hiccups about some silly vine where a guy does a canon ball into a pool, and well I guess it was frozen.
I pray for that guys booty.
"Guys" I said while waving my hands in their faces trying to get their attention. "Shall we go inside." i gestured towards the large doors that led to the theatre.
They all nodded, and we began to walk towards them in an awkward silence.
"Soooo.....uhh what movie shall we see?" Michael asked.
We all kind of stood there..awkwardly trying to decide what to see.
"LETS GO SEE WOMAN IN BLACK TWO!" Calum yelled out causing random people to stare at us weirdly.
They all nodded in agreement, and then all turned their heads towards me.
"Are you gonna be okay with this selection Em?" Calum asked with taunting smirk, while Luke on the other hand just looked at some sorta of way.
I nodded my head slowly as Calum's smirk grew into a wild grin, and he walked towards me and grabbed my unoccupied hand a dragged me towards the snack stand while the other boys got the tickets. U
Calum had ordered two extra large popcorn with layered butter, and all of us a medium drink, and myself some peanut butter M&M's.
As I pushed my way through the crowd of people my eyes searched the walls thoroughly hoping to spot a washroom sign before I peed myself.
I sighed out in frustration and thought of giving up until I felt a tap on my shoulder.
"Uhh miss, can I help you?" A petite Burnett around my age asked.
She must work here I thought as I took in her appearance.
"Where is the restroom?" I blurted out, and started dancing like I had a gofer on my pants.
"Just down the hall and to the left" she politely said with a genuine smile plastered on her face.
"Dani." the petite Burnett confirmed her name for me.
"Thanks dani, my names Emberly, but I'm about to piss my pants so I'll see you around." Then I dashed off towards the restroom.

---couple of minutes later------
I was finally relieved of my full bladder, and was on my way to theatre 6.
It was dark when I entered the theatre, and when the seating area came into view nobody was there....
You could say I was scared but that would be an understatement, I was HORRIFIED! Like what if a mass murderer is in here, and I'm next!!
*imaginary tears start to shed*
I slowly continued to walk up the steps that lead up to several rows of Seating.
"Luke?" *silence* "Ashton?" *even more silence* "Calum, Michael?"
Still nothing.
"Guys this isn't funny." I cried out as I stomped my feet in frustration.
I just stood there doing nothing waiting, and waiting for someone or something to pop out and murder me.
"BOO!" Someone yelled behind me, and let me tell you I have never been so scared in my life before!
I think I peed my pants again.

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