I slowly walk into the school with Shelby at my side. As soon as I step inside, I am greeted by a nightmare. Flyers advertising double A's birthday cover the walls and lockers. Shelby, being the bubbly, social person she is, walks over to the twins that are also passing out flyers to passerby. As if people didn't already see the walls. She begins to have a conversation with them, and I choose to go to my locker. I honestly don't mind Shelby having other friends, but those two make my blood boil.

I am satisfied to see that no flyers are on my locker. It was as though it contained the plague and shouldn't be messed with. "Fine by me." I say quietly to myself. I really don't want this two on my personal things.

I grab my science things and head quietly down the hall, catching some looks of disgust from people. They are just jealous because they aren't as smart as me, it's what I tell myself everyday this happens. I'm just glad I have Shelby by my side seconds later. I don't think I could do this without her. Thank god we have all of our classes together.


I am relieved to finally get to choir class. I'm a good singer, as my director tells me. The choir is happy to hear that we will be learning new songs for the upcoming concert.

As I listen intently, I hear girls whispering behind me:

"Did you hear about Allison and Ashley's party?" I think that it was Kayleigh, but I'm not sure

"Yeah, of course" that was definetly Teagan, she was double A's literal best friend. I could tell it was her because of the high-pitched voice she had.

"I can't belive One Direction are going! And in the middle of the tour!" Kayleigh said a bit loudly

"I know, it's crazy! But Ally and Ash said I could dance with Niall!" Teagan squealed

"Your joking?!" Kayleigh questioned excitedly

"Nope!!" Teagan, once again, squealed

"Ahem" Miss Wolverton said sternly to the two

"Sorry Miss Wolverton" they both mumbled

"Right" the director carried on, "the new songs will be pop music.."

Great, I think. She's going to take suggestions and all it will be is One Direction music, and maybe some others. I wouldn't have a problem with it, I already know most of their songs, but everyone is just obsessed with them.


Later that day, after dropping Shelby off, I go home. I don't get to be in any after school activities. Double A's have to be better at everything than me, evn if they suck(which most of the time they do).

I decide to do my chores and then take Blu for a ride. I haven't been riding for a while, but I'm still really good. I used to have ribbons covering my walls, but had to take them down because of the competition thing. My dad taught me to ride when I was about 4, to take my mind off my mother's passing. It helped too.

I have Blu saddled up and groomed before I knew what was happening. When it comes to horses, they're like a second nature to me. It just comes naturally.

I take him on an old trail I used to train on for jumping. He remembers it too, because he's the horse I trained on. Blu loves jumping, especially with me, since we are a team. As soon as we get to the trail, Blu starts bouncing with excitement to stretch his legs out. Not wanting to hold him back, we take off down the trail at full speed. Blu is a thoroughbred/Arabian mix, so he can run long distances. Making him the perfect show horse.

We come across the first jump, a fallen tree, and easily clear it. Professional jumpers, we are. We were on the reserve list for the 2016 Olympics, until Janis took us off because she thought I would rub it in the twins faces or something. I truly think she just didn't want me to be known to the world.

While we jump, clearing every obstacle, a memory comes to mind.

The memory is from when I was 7, I just can't believe I still remember it.

My dad used to always read me this book that was full of fantasy stories, like princesses and princes. Every story ended with a happy ending, even the sad ones. After he read me one about a prince and princess getting married and living happily ever after, I asked him,

"Dad, do you ever think I will fall in love when I'm older?"

"Of course sweetheart! Who wouldn't want someone like you?"

"Someone like me?" I asked confused

"Someone with a big heart, bright smile, and great personality."

"Thanks, dad" I said in return for his kind words

I smile at the memory, but tears brim my eyes. I quickly wipe them away. I don't want anyone seeing me in this state, especially at such a small thing. I will never find love or anyone that loves me. The twins and Janis have made sure of that.

I take off my boots before stepping into the house. Surprisingly, Janis approaches me. I almost forgot how intimidating she was up close. But not really. She has had several boob jobs, so it looks like she has two freaking balloons under her shirt. Her platinum blonde hair is blinding, and if her heels got any taller, she would be able to touch the moon.

"I need you to make the dresses for Allison and Ashley's party." She says in a short clipped tone

"Ok" I say calmly," thanks for giving me at least a two week notice"

I really am glad she informed me this early. She usually only gives me about two days before the celebration. I knew I would be making the dresses, I just wasn't sure If they wanted them from a store this year.

My mom was a seamstress, and owned a little shop downtown. It's closed now, but is still there. Only after a few lessons, I was making t-shirts and pants that I wear today. When Janis found out about this talent, she decided to have me make double A's birthday dresses every year since the nineth grade.

"It works for me because I am almost done with my dress for the party." I say but then something goes wrong

Janis looks at me as if I asked if I could borrow one of her dresses. Hint, never happening.

"Well you just wasted fine material because your not going." She says it as though it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"What do you mean I'm not going?" I truly am shocked,"I planned the damn thing, I should be able to go!"

I felt my voice rising, and I knew this couldn't end well

"You didn't lift a finger to help plan this party!" Her voice is rising as well

"Oh really!" I say sarcastically "who rented the planetourium? Who made sure all the catering was going to the right address, and who called the band manager, and BEGGED him to let boys stay for two weeks for those spoiled rotten bitches!?!"

I definetly shouldn't haven't said that last part

Janis's left hand hits my right cheek. Hard. And an immediate throbbing pain floods my face.

"You aren't going anywhere" she growls as I slowly look up at her. The pain literally doubled me over "You are staying right here, cleaning" she continues, "I will not have you moping around the party and completely ruin the entire thing. And you will not talk about your sisters that way." She says coldly before stomping away in her pumps.

I am left alone and stand there for a few moments before rushing to the kitchen. I do not like being hit. Not one bit. I grab an ice pack and feel instant relief rush into my face.

"It will all be over in a couple months" I tell myself

I already feel horrible and it's only Monday.

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