Chapter sixty six (Face Off) Steffy and Hope's POV 

Steffy was sitting at desk when Hope walked in looking mad

You got to be kidding me Steffy raised her voice get out!” do you have a death wish?!”

you are the last person.”

Well too bad Hope replied abruptly I can’t believe you turned Aly against me.”  it has to be really sad not only to turn your sweet cousin against me but the fact you’re getting her fight your battles for you.”

      “ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW?!” ––––look  I didn’t send her after you, that all you when you set me and Wyatt up yesterday, what did you think what was going to happen once she found out  did you think she was going to side with you?”  Nope sorry I’m her family she doesn’t like it when people mess with her family.”  You’re just mad because my cousin finally took her off her blinders when it came to you.”

      “Yeah well I could say the same thing about Wyatt when comes to you,” Hope replied abruptly then smiling smugly where is Wyatt by the way?” oh right I guess he couldn’t stand to be around after seen you kissing someone else.”

      “You are loving this aren’t you?”

As in a matter a fact am I,” Hope replied

I should be beating you basic Barbie ass  right now while there is no witness to see it.” But good will that do you want learn from messing with me then I would have your clueless mother  in my ear;  bitching at me that I’m messing with you. When in reality you’re the one messing with me and my relationship because you can’t stand to see Wyatt happy with anyone else.”

      And true Wyatt and I maybe on the outs right now but he’s still not pinning  over  you or turning to you,” you wanna know why?” Steffy smile smugly.  

      “Because I’m happily married?” Hope replied abruptly

      “Keep telling yourself that but no that’s not it its Because he’s over you.”  And I bet you think it couldn’t have happen but it did.”

I know you think that little stunt would have sent me back to Paris but guess what I’m still here get through your head I’m not going anywhere this is my families company so its going to take a hell of a lot more than that weak ass stunt you pulled to get rid of me a lot more.”

You will go back to Paris Hope muttered and I will see to it.”

Okay whatever say,” little Brooke good talk before Steffy could say anymore her IPhone started ringing it was Thomas not get out of my office before I change my mind about giving you a beat down.”

As you wish slut Hope muttered walking away

A least I’m not a jealous petty one.” Steffy replied abruptly

Hope stopped dead in her footsteps the only reason why Wyatt is giving you the time of day is because I dumped him and moved on with Liam.”

And I could say the same thing about Liam with you.”  Steffy replied coldly

Hope rolled her eyes Liam loves me and he always going to pick me in the end.”

Keep telling yourself that little Brooke just you’re telling yourself that you’re happily married

And over Wyatt I see the way you still look at him guess what he doesn’t want you anymore.”

Hope glared at Steffy then storming out slamming the door

So good we had this talk little Brooke Steffy smiled picking Iphone calling Thomas back

Hey Steff,” Thomas answered

Hey Tom, Tom what’s up?”

      Where are you?”

At work why?”

      “You forgot didn’t you?”

What today is.” Thomas added

You’re got Malibu?!”

Yup we’re both here standing in front your house

I totally forgot about  you coming today with him,  Hey why don’t you come by here with him Grandpa Aly Pam Dad would all want to see you much I as do before you head back to Paris.”

Okay why not Thomas spoke in a cheerful tone I’ll see you and everyone else in ten minutes.

Okay see you soon bro……………………………………………..

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