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She sat in the very first seat and I sat all the way in the back. I don't even remember what Mrs.Adams was teaching all I did was stare at her. The bell rung and I ran to catch up with her. "Hey! Wait up!" I yelled. She turned around "Can I help you?" I was speechless. "Um.. Uh.. yeah.. Uh." Is all I could get out. "Okay then. I got to get to class. Nice meeting you." She replied. The day went by as a blur. I had a few classes with her. All I could do was think of her.

~week later~

*Dream* I was covered in dirt and rain was pouring down. "You have to let go Max! Save yourself!" I looked down at her the girl from school. "I won't give up on you!" I screamed back. She started slipping through my grabs. "I love you Ra.." *Reality*  I woke up wet and covered in mud,panting like crazy. "TIME FOR SCHOOL MAX WATERS!" Chrissy yelled from down stairs. "Getting in the shower now!" I yelled back. I ran down the stair to the kitchen. "Max Waters you need to start getting up earlier!" She exclaimed. "Alright alright" I ate a piece  of toast. "Thanks Chrissy" I said leaving the house. I jumped in the ford. Just like a regular day. Execpt all I can think of is her. The last time I tried talking to her ended disastrously. But today I'm making my move. I walked into Mrs.Adams class and sat next to her. "Hey." I said. "Hi." She replied. "Max! What are you doing up there!?" Emily yelled. "Oh god." I mumbled. She looked at me then her. "Max do you know who that is!? Old man Ravenwoods neice!" Emily and her little possy have been harassing her ever since day one. Old man Ravenwood is the town shut in. He doesn't speak to nobody ever since before I was born. No one likes him. In fact everyone is scared of him. I've heard story's of him ever since I was little, I didn't know if it was true or not. But she wasn't her Uncle. "And?" I said. I saw a smile creep up on her face. "My names Max Waters. As you already know." "I'm Ravin.. Ravin Padilla."  I could tell that this was going to work.

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