I Love You

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I opened the door slightly & there standing was my ex boyfriend, Jack Gilinsky. He looked like a wreck because he was obviously wasted & I'm pretty sure in tears.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him in a curious voice.
"I need someone to talk to, may I come in." he asked.
"uhh sure, yeah" I said as I opened the door all the way and closed it behind him.

"So what's going on?" I asked as we both sat down on my bed.

"Okay well I was at club 21 & Andrea and I were talking & dancing, but when I went to get a drink I came back I couldn't find her. I looked for her for at least 10 minutes until I saw her walk out of the bathrooms with Cameron Dallas. A dude that I don't really talk to but I guess we were cool with each other till now. So Andrea was obviously seeing two guys tonight, & I could tell she would rather be with Cameron so I left. I didn't know what to do or where to go because she was my ride tonight, so I came here to talk to someone."

"oh" I say with a blank face not knowing what to say. "How long have you and Andrea been seeing each other?" I asked.

"For a couple weeks, and I know it's not much but I thought we were gonna try to have a relationship but I guess not. & I'm sorry for coming to you for this & annoying with stuff you probably don't care about. But I don't care as much about the Andrea thing the real reason I came here is because I miss you Karly." he said in a truthful voice making eye contact with me.

"it's fine you're not annoying me, but I thought we were over?" I asked & wondered what was going to happen next.

"Yeah me too but when I realized that Andrea and I weren't going to work out I just knew that you were the one right for me & I should have never let you go."

"So what does this mean?" I asked him as he was looking down at the sheets on my bed feeling them & the soft texture that he remembers.

"I'm not very sure but maybe we could hangout sometime & see if it's like it was a year ago." he said smiling at me.

I couldn't help but to smile back, but I still wasn't sure if I wanted to get back into a relationship with him, even though I can tell he wants to.

"Yeah let's hangout sometime Jack, but I don't know if I want to be back in a relationship." I said to him as he looked confused or bummed.

"But we were together for over a year & in the past month have you just stopped loving me? Because I haven't Karly, I miss the way you would kiss me at times like these where I would be sad or mad. I miss when we used to always be together. I miss us." he said as he looked deep into my eyes to bring out my emotions & feelings for him.

"Jack I have never stopped loving you but I just don't know if I can forgive for what you did to me" I said sadly.

"Karly I said I was sorry so many times, I did so many things to try to fix us. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry, it was a mistake!" he said furiously as he stood up and was pacing around angrily, getting in my face and punching the wall.

I stood up to stop him & try to calm him down as I grabbed his wrist before he was going to punch the wall. I looked at him in the eyes as I saw them start to water from frustration & sadness.

"Jack it's okay you don't need to get mad, I know it was a mistake but it was a mistake that broke my heart. If I trust you with my heart again you better not play games with it because that's how it gets broken." I said as I put my hands on his jawline and looked him in the eyes.

"Karly please forgive me, it was one time & I regret it so much. It wasn't worth it at all because I would rather be with you, I'm sorry I promise to never do it again." he said solemnly.

"I know but you will have to earn my trust back, things like that can't just happen & then be forgotten about. You can't just cheat on me with another girl while you're dating me & then forget about it and think nothing of it. That's not how things in life work Jack!" I said getting annoyed & thinking back to when he broke my heart the first time how I never wanted to feel love again.

"Baby I know" he said putting his hands on the side of my face like he's going to kiss me. He pushes my hair behind my ear as I'm looking down and he pulls my chin up to look at him and he says "Karly, I love you"

We stare at each other for a couple seconds after that then I put my hands on his face and we both lean in & close our eyes. His lips on mine again feel so good but it doesn't feel the same. I don't feel the same spark like before when we would kiss. Its different now.

After 5 seconds on kissing we look each other in the eyes & smile at each other. I see the time from on my alarm & it's 11:11pm.
I instantly think to make wish which I do. I quickly close my eyes and wish for the love I felt a year ago. Then I open my eyes while it's still 11:11 & I see Jack with his eyes closed in front of me making a wish as well.


I close my eyes & wish for Karlys trust. I promise to never again make a mistake like that. Then we both open our eyes & kiss each other one more time. Karly says to me, "you should get going, need a ride?"
"yeah sure that'd be great"

She opens the door & we go downstairs and into the garage to get into her car. She starts and backs up as I just watch the way she does things because I love it. She starts driving & I tell her, "Thankyou for taking to me tonight, I really needed it."

She looks over at me and says "yeah me too." then we smile at each other with a pleasing feeling.

When she pulls Into my driveway I say "Thanks Karly for everything." I open the door to get out & she says "You're welcome jack, I hope we can talk soon" Then we say goodnight & I walk into my house & she drives away.


As I drive away I can't help but smile from tonight because I will admit that I have missed him, & I think things will be better between us soon. This made my night & his as well.

When I get home I park the car into the garage then walk into the house to see my dad standing there asking where I have been.

"I've been here all nighty but I had to give Jack a ride home just like 5 minutes ago because he was drinking, it's fine, I'm fine." I say to clear things up then give my dad a hug goodnight.

"Okay, well yeah goodnight Karls" he says as I'm already walking upstairs.

When I get in my room I see that Jack left his phone here on my bed. I pick it up to look at it, & he has 6 messages from Andrea. I try to put my thumb on the home button that can unlock through your fingerprint because I put my fingerprint in a while ago. As I touch the home button with my thumb it unlocks his phone & I feel a little happy about that.

I go into his messages which are all deleted except for the ones Andrea sent him less than an hour ago. I read them first & she's just saying where are you?! & other blah blah blah stuff, so I swipe the messages over to delete them.

I then see his 157 pictures & I just scroll through & I found a lot of us from a while ago that he still has which warms my heart.

I get off his phone & set it on my dresser then I turn off the light & lay in my bed checking the news feed for social media.

I see a picture of Cameron & Andrea that he posted, & I really don't care about it as long as she's not with jack.

I put my phone on the charger then set it on my nightstand & lay down to go to bed as I put my face on my pillows and I could smell jacks cologne, I like it, just like I like him.

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