Nerd Pov

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How dare they! They ignore us and betray us and then they expect us to be their friends. We have only been here for 2 days and I don't want to stay another day but I have to. I sigh and look at Percy and I see anger but also guilt. Once a loyal person always a loyal person. Even the romans though had ignored him and they had declined his request against going to see Frank and Hazel. I look at him worried but he kisses me. We kiss for a long time and I move my hands around his back. His hands are at the bottom of my shirt and they slowly make their way under. I pull away as they reach my bra strap and look at him. He looks guilty and embarrassed,

"Not yet! But soon," I say. He nods his head in agreement but his cheeks are bright red and smile.

At lunch we head over to the arena and spar. Of course Percy beats me and he tells me how I can improve and he teaches me new moves. Campers come over and try to apologise but we just ignore them. I catch the rest of the seven who hadn't left coming towards us. Nico, Thalia and Reyna are also with them. Percy takes out his throwing knives he chucks one so they just misses the top of their heads and they all stop. I see some of them flinch under our glares but none of them move. We just stare at each for ages. I notice the guilt and sadness in their eyes. I take a sideways glance I can see him longing to go over but I see a hardness in his eyes aswell.

"I'm so sorry! I never wanted to hurt you Percy! You are one of my closest friends!" Hazel says. I forgive the Roman camp as they did nothing to me so I look at Frank and smile. He signs a little bit and he comes over and gives me a hug. Hazel follows swiftly and she joins. I see piper walk towards me bit I glare at her and she stops abruptly.

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