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I felt a single tear slip down my face as I saw the comments on my video. "Dan, where the hell is the new video?" "Dan, it's been a month." It was too much for me, I had been getting so much hate lately, people constantly begging for a new upload, it was all too much. Phil was in the kitchen making dinner, so I decided to make a liveshow and explain. 

I pulled up YouNow and started a video, and said hello to all the people that joined. As expected, the first comment was, "Where's the new video, Dan?" I felt myself start to cry. I hadn't even said anything. "Dan what's wrong?" I sighed. "Catherine A.," I started. "It-It's just been too much for me. People constantly begging for uploads, then getting hate on it. I'm always editing, trying to make it perfect for you guys, but it never is." I recieved a lot of sympathy from them, but then new viewers joined, and the chain started all over again. "New video?" I slammed my hands onto the table. "OKAY. FUCKING HELL. I'VE ALREADY STATED IM WORKING ON A NEW VIDEO!" I screamed, instantly feeling terrible. "Dan holy shit, chill." I continued to cry.

People had started to leave hate all over the comment section on YouNow. "Jesus fuck Dan, all we are asking for is a new video, stop being a little bitch." I sobbed. "You don't know how hard it is to make up a script, film the video, edit everything, get it perfect, at the end screen, and all in 3 weeks! I'm always doing things for you guys! I never get a break! I try to spend time with Phil, but I can't!" I saw the view count drop dramatically, and refreshed my YouTube page. Great, I had gone down from 4,567,323 subscribers to 4,345,235. I had just lost over 200k subscribers. I cried harder. I felt like nothing I did meant anything to them. But that Catherine girl was still on. "Dan, I love you. I am so sorry for everything, and asking about a video, and people giving you hate. You are under a lot of stress right now. Give him a break guys." I smiled slightly. 

It was all too much. Everyone taunting me, teasing me for crying, begging for the video after I deliberatley explained to them I was working on it. I grabbed the nearest gun that we used for protection in our apartment and set it in my mouth. I felt horrible. "DAN NO! I LOVE YOU!" "PLEASE DAN! FOR YOURSELF! FOR PHIL!" I didn't care anymore. I shot it. The last feeling I had was the feeling of blood trickling down my throat and a sharp pain in the back. 

Phil's P.O.V.

I heard a gunshot. Was Dan being hurt?! I had heard muffles from his room and assumed he was doing a liveshow. I cut off the oven and dashed to his room. "Dan?!" I yelled. I gasped as I saw blood spattered everywhere, and Dan was holding it. Tears spilled down my cheeks, and I noticed a sudden upburst in comments. "Phil...Dan just commited suicide." I screamed and stared at the lifeless Dan. I fell to my knees, pulling him off. The back of his chair had blood around it. I had just lost my best friend in the entire world. "What happened?! Why did he do this?!" I yelled. People commented saying some people kept asking for a new video, then teased him for crying and telling us why." I choked up. I felt like I couldn't breathe. Dan's body had turned pale. "My mum just came in and saw me crying. I told her about what Dan did and she cried too." I grabbed the gun and threw it across the room. "Dan..." I sobbed out. I couldn't live like this. I ran to the other side of the room, grabbed the gun, and shot myself. I knew I wouldn't see Dan again, but I felt like this would ease the pain...


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