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Hi my name is Alexander. Marge. Edlin, but you can call me Alex. I'm a average kid and I have photographic memory, I'm gifted in math and can solve any math problem, I like to read and write and do experiments. I always know what time it is and I have broken into the Pentagon 483 times, but that is just between you and me, okay. But then my life changed on April 29th 5:43.37 p.m.
I just got home and my parents weren't home but the door was open. Inside was a man in a black suit with a gun in his holster and a scar on his cheek.
He said in a deep voice, "I am Special Agent Bracts and I'm here to take you to the Spy Academy where I myself graduated and so will you Alex."
How do you know my name," I asked.
"I know all about you cause I have to to be a spy," Bracts said.
"Wait your a spy and you want me," I asked while a 159 question raced in my mind.
"Yes," Bracts replied, "I mean you are Alexander. Marge. Edlin right. The person who hacked into the Pentagon dozens of times."
"483 times," I corrected him.
"Whatever," he replied, "back on task, you have a awesome stick test score, I mean you have never gotten one wrong since you started. Now here's your scholarship and now let's pack you up."
"What do you mean," I asked.
"All students live at campus," he replied half way up the steps, "now hurry up you need to pack," he said at the top.
When I was at the top I saw that Brants had packed most of my stuff.
He asked, "do you have any weapons?"
I replied, "I have a knife and sling shot."
He replied, "pack them."
I asked, "will my parents know?
"No," he replied, "they and everybody else you know will think you are at a science school."
"Really," I asked, "science."
"Really," he replied.
When we finished packing we walked out and went down a block then hopped in Brants black hummer.
Once inside I read my scholarship. It read.
Dear Mr. Edlin,
you have been accepted to the C.I.A school of spies for your skills in math, reading, science, codes, and the fact you know 43 different languages. You will be taken to the school with one of are agents and will be staying there for 10 years. Everybody you know will think your at a science academy, so don't tell anyone about spy school. We will see you in Washington D.C. soon.
From, Principal Snide.
I knew then spy school was not going to be all fun and games.

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