Chapter 28

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Hiccup's P.O.V. one week later

Astrid and I woke up ate the same time, around about 8am I think. We went downstairs in the house wen were in on Oden rock, since we were there, and saw Eliott and Mercy at the table. "How long you two been up?" I asked.

"About 30 minuets," Eliott answered.

"Well go up to the great hall. Norman and a few others should be there. We've planed something for the twins birthday," They nodded and left. Astrid and I went back upstairs, got dressed in our normal clothes then went to the great hall.

When we got there and had a look around we went to Norman. "Norman, is everything ready?" I asked.

"Yes. We got a delivery for Hiccup Jr from Berk,"

"That would be from his girlfriend," I went up to Mercy. "Mercy go keep a look out. When you see them coming tell us. Say 'The night furies fly at midnight' got it?"

"Yeah," Mercy answered then went to the door.

A few minuets later Mercy ran back in. "The night furies fly at midnight!" She yelled.

"Hide!" I yelled. Everyone hid. When we heard the door open, then close, we all jamp out and yelled "SURPRISE!"

Avery and Hiccup Jr both looked surprised. "What the? Who planed this?" Avery asked. I was hiding behind everyone. Everyone moved leaving me standing there. "I should have known," I went up to them.

"So, you planed this dad?" Hiccup Jr asked.

"Yeah. I wanted to make it special since we're not on Berk at the moment. I would have made it special anyway. I don't want your 13th birthday to be a repeat of mine,"

"What happened?"

"I got a happy birthday from dad and Gobber and a present from Dad. Nothing like this."

"Well, thank you," I knelt down in front of them so I was down to their level.

"Happy birthday," I hugged them.

After a while of being there they opened a few presents. "Is that it?" Avery asked.

"For you, yes. For Hiccup? No," Eliott started. He took out a box with a letter. "This is a special delivery from Berk, for you." He handed it to Hiccup Jr.

He opened the letter first. He smiled. "What does it say? Who's it from?" Astrid asked.

"It's from Maya. It says: 

Dear Hiccup

I hope this gets to you on time and you see this on your birthday. So, I'm going to start out by saying happy 13th birthday. Everyone on Berk misses all of you, especially Stoick and Valka. I hope you're having fun on your little trip. I also hope you like the gift I sent. Have fun, happy birthday to you and Avery. Love you always and see you in 2 weeks.

Maya." He smiled. He opened the box and took out what was inside inside.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It's a shield. It has the strike class symbol on one side and the sharp class symbol on the other. The weird thing is, the symbols are made, out of dragon scales."

I had a look at it. "Wow. This must have taken her ages to make. Must have wanted to make sure you love it"

"Yeah. I do love it."

one week later

It the last night of being on Oden rock and we're all at a party.  I steped up to the top of the hall to make a speech I was asked to make. "Hey everyone! I have a few words to say!" I started. they all looked at me. "I want to thank you for the wonderful time here, and having me as a guest of honour. It's, been amazing. Thanks for having me and my family here, and hope to see you sometime in the future," Everyone cheered. I went back to where I was with my family. "Well then, we've been here long enough. What do you say we head off?"

"Good idea," They all answered. I went up to Norman.

"Thanks for having us Norman, but we're going to head for home. See you soon,"

"Alright. Thanks for coming," Norman replied. I smiled and went out with the others. We mounted our dragons and flew home. Finaly.

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