The Works

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So, this is how it works.
Step one: Wake up at 6 in the morning so you can try hard to not look like you tried. For me that means that you put your hair in a messy bun, and just a small touch of make up to make you look like you at least get the minimum amount of sleep that a teenager should. 
Step two: Wait for the bus. That means sitting inside until the bus is in view, or in case you walk to school, run. It gets cold during the winter
Step two b: Once you are on the bus, don't sit with anyone unless it is completely necessary. If you do not see an open seat, at least sit with someone you know, if there is an open seat, put your bag on the inside of the window, and sit in the middle of the seat staring out the window while listening to music, and pretend that you aren't paying attention to anything. This is extremely important if you don't want to make early morning conversation, which you don't, it just makes everything worse. 
Step three: Keep your earphone in or on as long as you can, turn your music up as loud as you can with out getting yelled at by anyone. Keeping your music in your ears, keeps you out of trouble and keeps you entertained all day, and I don't know about you, but I find it easier to memorize lyrics than school work. But there is a problem to this rule, not all principles enjoy the students having their ear phones in their ears, be ware of principles, they might take your phone and see all the stuff you do on your phone. When your aren't there, there is no telling if they go through your phone if you don't have a password. 
Step four: This step implies that you have already made it through half a day, and your now headed to lunch, if you are a new kid, keep your head down, and don't talk to anyone. They will prey upon your precious little soul. Go through the line if you haven't made your lunch, and trust me, all school food is the same, unless you went to a school that has individual restaurants like colleges do, then don't eat the school's food, you don't know how old it is, you don't know if they sneeze in it or anything. So I would suggest skipping the line, and bringing your lunch. 
Step five is to get through the rest of the day,
Step six, get your precious booty home and relax, take some time to your self, seeing how you had to deal with a bunch of dumb asses all day, and that my dear is quite stressful. But you have to do your homework, because teachers are going to think that you gave up on school if your don't socialize and fail all of your assignments. You will get a lot of homework, and yes sometimes you forget to do it, but its going to be okay, missing some assignments once in a while, wont effect your grade too much. 
This is my guide on how to get through a day in the life of a teenager, but sometimes its not as easy as it looks. High school is going to throw its worst weapons at you, it will through gossip, crushes, pain, and anger.

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