Taylor's POV:

Wow. I can't believe I'm going to LA!!! Before You Exit lives there, 5 Seconds of Summer lives there and there are SO many Youtubers are in LA!!! HOLY SHIT THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING. I am starstruck in the middle of my room. LIKE HOLY SHIT BALLS!

Anyways...since I'm already done packing i decide to skype my friends to tell them my great news. I only have about 5 REAL best friends cause honestly why would i need more? I get on skype and see they are all on so I call our group chat and everyone answers.


Gabby: Hey Guys!

Alexia: Hello friends :)

Hettie: Hiiiiiiii

Sadie: HELLO!

They all say one at a time as each of them join the call. "Taylor you called, what's up?" Ros asks

"Well this is really suprising news buuuut...IM GOING TO LA WITH MY SISTER!!!" I scream into my computer and wait for their responses. its a mixture of "OMG's" "Holy Shit", "Hell yeah!" and "When do you leave?"

"I leave in I think 2 days and I'm going cause my parents will be gone till i think like September and its July so I have lots of time before something happens to me plus Vikki didnt want me here alone so she is taking me with her." I say happily

"Do your parents know?" Alexia asks

"No...but we are going to leave a note and everything. I mean whenever we try and call them they never answer anyways so its not like i would even get the chance to ask." I say sadly remembering my parents are never around. And I mean never.

"Where are you going to live?" Hettie asks

"My sister bought like a new condo near the university she is going to and its like near the Grove." I say excited

"Isn't it near some youtuber's houses?" Saide asks

"Yeah I think so!" Alexia exclaims

"Yeah but I'm really gonna miss you guys!" I say getting slightly depressed. What am I going to do while Vikki has her classes? How will I make new friends if I'm not going to school?

"Were gonna miss you too Tay but we always have skype and we aren't gonna let you get away without giving us updates!" Ros says happily but with some sadness in her voice

"Don't worry I'll keep you guys updated. but i have to go. I'll talk to you guys soon. Bye!" I say and they all reply "Bye!" back and i end the call and go on my tumblr.

I'm scared but nervous at the same time i mean i know my parents are never home but what happens if they get super fucking pissed when they find out? What will they do to me is actually the better question.

I pull out of my thoughts and check the time at the top of my computer. 9:34pm. Wow time passes by quick. I go on the rest of my night scrolling through tumblr and going on twitter before I get too tired.

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