Told you i loved bethany!

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I was the first one to wake up. When I woke up I was cuddling with hayes. I'm not complaining but why is he cuddling back? Oh well. I get lose from his grasp and walk to the bathroom on the way I grab my phone. I saw a text from my mom.

Mom: good morning sweet heart. Love you. I'll see you later <3

Jordan: love you to mom <3

I texted back. Then I grabbed some clothes and headed to the bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth. Since my hair was in the braid all night when I took it out it was curly/wavy. I got dressed. I put on my 'why can't we be friends' shirt on from Areopostale and my dark denim shorts from there to. And as for my shoes I'm wearing bethany Mota shoes. She's my inspiration. I love her so much.

Then I just put a black bow in the back of my hair....kinda obsessed over bows. The only thing I don't like is make up. Why hide your beauty. I gather my things and go to the guest room to put them away. I hear Elizabeth so I go downstairs.

"Hey. I didn't know you was her" she said pouring skylnn cereal.

"Yea. Sorry but my mom needed some girl time with her friends so it's ok if I stay here for a couple of days?" I ask. Ok. So I thought nash saying no would be scary but this is her house. So I'm more scared.

"It's fine. I know how your mom feels" she chuckles.

"Want anything for breakfast?" She asks.

"No thanks. Ima head down to ihop" I reassure her.

"I WANNA COME!!" I turn around to see three boys standing there. Hayes Brandon and tony. They dress pretty nice.

"Ok here" Elizabeth hands hayes some money.

She drives us to I hope and said to call her after. We got in and ended up with a booth. I love sitting in booths. Me and hayes sat next to each other...

"So where you from" tony asks breaking the silence.

"New york" I reply with a smile.

"You came here with your family?" Brandon asks. Why are they asking a lot of questions?

"No just my mom and step father" I smiled. I started remembering what happened. I hope he realizes what he has done. He almost killed my mom.

"Where's your step father?" Hayes asked. I really didn't know. I could say out with his friends but he has no one to hang out with. He's an only child. At least that's what he said.

"Working. I think. I don't know. He does his own things" that's when our food arrived. We all ate having small talk.

Then my phone goes off and ruins everything.


J- Hello?

A- Hey jay!! You never called me!

J- Hey Alex. I'm so sorry things been crazy.

A- Yea I know. Mom called me and told me. Are you alright?

J- Yea but you called at a bad time

A- What you mean

J- I'm at ihop

A- WITH OUT ME?! That's our favorite place!! Wait...who are you with

Then hayes tried taking my food

J- Hayes stop. That's mine


J- Haha yea.

A- Lucky. Wait then you met nash?

J- Yea. Where do you think I was when that happened the whole night.

A- Did yous kiss...or cuddle.

J- The other one.

A- Cuddle? No way girl!! Oh no. I gotta go foster parent coming. Love you

J- Love you to!


"Sorry that was my best friend back at home." They nodded.

After we was done, we decided to go to the mall. We took a cab because we didn't want to keep bugging Elizabeth.

We got to the mall and the first store I saw I screamed.

"AEROPOSTALE!!" I ran to the store. Not realizing I was with people. I got in the store and got more bethany mota clothes. Her clothing line is amazing. I ended up with 3 crop tops 4 shorts. 4 sleep wear and 5 new bows from Aeropostale. The guys looked at me like I was crazy.

"Sorry I love this store" I laughed. We walked to American eagle. I saw a guy kept looking at me. I ignored it. Oh well.

From American eagle I got 3 pairs of high wasted jeans. 2 shirts and 3 jean jackets/hoodies.

"Wow she loves shopping!" Tony said. I laughed. I didn't tell them why I needed clothes. The clothes that got messed up are my old clothes. I just wanted more things to match up.

"Wanna head back?" Hayes asked. We nodded. They got things to I just wasn't paying attention. I mean who could when there's a big picture of bethany mota?

We called Elizabeth to tell her where we was. She said she will text us when she's outside. We just walked away a bit more. And hayes was trying to get to know me. It was cute.


When we got back I saw carter and cameron. Yes. Carter and cameron.

"Hey man!" The said to hayes. Tony and Brandon went home so it was me nash hayes carter and cam.

"Oh guys this is Jordan. Jordan I'm pretty sure you already know these guys" nash said laughing.

"Hey" they said. I smiled.

"Hayes got a girlfriend!! OHHHHHHHH" carrier started yelling. My cheeks started to get red.

"No she's a friend" hayes defended. His cheeks got red to. He's adorable. We all headed to nash room to do who knows what.

"Let's play truth or dare!!" Cam suggested. We all agreed. Nash was first to start.

"Carter. Truth or dare" nash had a evil look on his face.

"Dare!!" Carter yelled. I was very curious on what carter had to do.

"I dare you to...tweet your in a fans bathroom and see how that can reacts." Nash dared. Carter did it but the fan didn't react. She might've been off of Twitter.

"Ok. Hayes truth or dare?" Carter gave him a evil smirk.

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