Chapter 3

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"Charlie, Georgia, Alice and Miranda. It's time for you for to get up and ready." Mr Brown was softly knocking on the door, not coming in.

"Okay we'll be down for breakfast soon, thank you!" Alice yelled back through the dor, maybe a little too loud. I climbed out of bed and made my way along to the wardrobe. The schools in England always had to wear uniform, so I didnt really know what to wear. I looked over at the other girls to see their outfits but they hadnt put them on yet.

"You okay Char?" Miranda asked me looking slightly confused, yet a bit worried as i was just staring blankly at her.

"Yeah, what are you guys wearing today, i literally have no idea!?" I said.

"I'm wearing my mint green blouse with a white vest tee underneath, probably my black shorts aswell." Georgia said looking between her black shorts and white ones.

I decided to go with my Union Jack flowy vest top with my white high waisted shorts, and my black vans of course (A/N outfit to the side). I glanced in the body length mirror checking my outfit was okay, then went into the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I decided to keep my hair down in it's natural curls and applied my everyday makeup; powder, eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. I didnt really want to wear much on the first day incase people thought i was some slut or something.

After breakfast, which we had some bacon, toast and beans, I headed out into my rent car with Georgia, Alice and Miranda. We jumped in connecting bluetooth and rocking away to One Direction, and we drove to school.

When we reached the school, we were ordered to go to the main hall to get our timetables along with the others on the trip in our year. The secretaries handed us our timetables and the four of us immediatey compared them.

First period: Mathematics

Second period: Drama

Third period: English/ writing/ literature..

Fourth period: Music

Fifth period: Chemistry

The only class we had together was Drama, but I was in Maths with Miranda, English with Georgia and Chemistry with Alice. Music I was left alone.

he homeroom bell suddenly started ringing through the hall. I, of course, got lost making my way to homeroom, but eventualy got there. I sat in the seat at the back when the teacher started situating us all. She came over and asked if i was okay, i nodded and said yes.

Second period came when we were all in the class together. There were tables of four an so we all decided to sit with eachother. We messed about the whole lesson, but that's kind of what we do when we are together. I got sent out once and got embarrassed on my first day by the stupid dick of a teacher.

Third period came and me and Georgia sat with eachother next to the door at the back of the class.

Then fourth period slowly crept up and being quite honest, I was petrified of being in there on my own. The desks were in twos and I made my way to a window seat, and I watched the other students file into the room. I read 'Girl Online' by Zoella (Zoe Sugg) as i waited for the teacher come in. As i read, I heard a loud roar oflaughter coming through the doorway. I looked up to the sound as a fairly tall, light brown haired boy walked in. He stood by the dooway still laughing with his friends. Man, was his laugh adorable.!?

His light brown, wavy hair covered his forehead, but not coverin his beautiful hazel eyes. He was about six foot, average body, but mabe more muscular than that. He had great tone in his arms. He was actually pretty hot.

He walked in and smiled at his friends one last time, and taking a look around. I realised that I was still staring at him as he looked at me, so I looked back down at my book. I smiled as I got to the part where Penny meets Noah. I was too engaged to notice the good looking guy sitting next to me.

"Heyy, arent you one of the new English girls, part of the exchange?" he smiled at me.

"Hiya and yes i am, how did you know?." I said smiling back to him, untucking my hair from behind my ear.

"your accent kinda gives it away." he chuckled.

"Ahh yes. Right" I laughed a little laugh, making myself look like a complete idiot.

"So, what's your name Miss England?" He asked, like a proper gentleman. Cute!

"'s Charlie, Charlie Jade." I said shyly.

"That's a beautiful name!" He pointed out.

"Really? I never liked my name and sometimes stuck with my middle name, but what's your name?" I said sonding like a complete retard.

"Ashton. Ashton Irwin"

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