Chapter 4

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(Ring Ring Ring)

Laura: (picks up her phone) Hello?

Ross: Hey Laura

Laura: Hey Ross, what's up?

Ross: Just calling to see if you are almost ready to come over to my house for dinner?

Laura: Yeah I'm almost ready

Ross: Okay I will see you soon then!

Laura: Okay

Ross: bye

Laura: bye (Hangs up) (sighs and grabs her dress and puts it on) Great time for hair (grabs her curler)

(45 minutes later)

Laura: (does her last curl and then turns off her curling wand) (grabs her shoes and phone then heads out the door)

(Ross's House)

Stormie: So how many people are coming?

Ross: Just two

Stormie: (nods) Go tell your brothers and sister to come down here and help set up

Ross: (nods and walks upstairs) Rydel, Rocky, Riker, Ryland! Help me and mom set up for our guest!

Rydel: (walks out of her room) Now?!

Ross: (nods) yes now!

Rocky and Riker walk out of Riker's room

Rocky: We were in the middle of a very important game!

Ross: (rolls his eyes) Whatever, where's ryland?

Ryland walks out if his room

Ryland: right here

Ross: Well let's go then! (walks downstairs with everyone behind him)


Laura:(parks her car)

John: (parks his car next to hers)

Laura: (gets out) Hey John

John: (gets out) Hey Laura, you look nice

Laura: Thanks John you too (knocks on the door)

Ross: (opens the door and lets them in) Wow you guys look great

Laura and John both thank him

Stromie: (walks into the living room) Hello I'm Stormie, Ross's mom

Laura: (shakes her hand) Nice to meet you Mrs. Lynch

Stormie: Call me Stormie dear

John: (shakes her hand) Nice to meet you Stormie

Stormie: These are my other children Rydel

Rydel: (waves)

Stormie: Riker

Riker: (smiles and winks at laura)

Laura: (smiles a bit)

Stormie: Rocky

Rocky: Sup

Stormie: Ryland he's the youngest

Ryland: (waves)

Stormie: Oh and this is my husband Mark (points to him)

Mark: Nice to meet you

Laura: I'm Laura

John: John

Stormie: Okay so dinner isn't ready yet so you guys can hang out in the living room and john you may come with me and Mark to the kitchen so we can talk more

John: (nods and walks to the kitchen)

Rydel: Yay! There is a new girl that I can be friends with!

Laura: (smiles)

Riker: So are you and Ross dating or something?

Laura: (Blushes and Laughs awkwardly)

Ross: No No not at all she is just a friend!!

Riker: So she's free ?

Laura: (laughs)

Ross: (glares at him)


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