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Louis was just waking up, Sunday morning. The sun shining through the white shades on his window had seeped through and made him awake. His eyes slowly fluttered open, and he looked at the time. 12:03pm.

He was going out on a lunch date with his friend, Niall, at one, so luckily he awoke at least an hour before.

Louis attempted to get out of bed, rubbing the tiredness from his eyes in doing so. Louis heard his cell buzzing on the night stand, startling him. He looked at the caller ID, and answered.

"Hey mate, are you up?"

"Obviously, Niall."

"Smart ass! I'll be at your house at 1."

"Okay, see ya then, Nialler."

Louis hung up the phone, and went through his closet to find a nice outfit to wear, nothing fancy just casual.

He found a pair of his red chinos and a white t-shirt, somewhat to big on him, and a pair of his black vans. Louis layed the outfit he had chosen out on his bed.

When heading to the shower, he grabbed a fluffy towel, and walked in as he turned on the light. His bathroom was a light baby blue colour, with a white bathtub. It wasn't much, but it was enough.

Louis lived in his own flat by himself, barely getting by with the tips he made. But he made more tips than most because he was well.. Louis. Some nights Niall would stay the night, just to keep Louis company. He got lonely sometimes.

He turned the knob on the shower towards him, getting it to the right temperature before stepping in. As he got in, the warm water ran down his naked body, giving him goosebumps. his hair was heavy now from being wet. Louis had grabbed his wash rag, and body wash, squirting some on, and he lathered himself up with it. He started to rinse off the body wash. He then squirted his strawberry smelling shampoo onto his hand, and rubbed it into his scalp slowly, loving the feeling. He wished he could find someone to do this for him, take care of him, he thought.

Louis always had thought he wasn't good enough for anyone at all. But yet, he knew how to still make himself happy without someone.

Eventually, Louis had finished his shower, and shut it off by turning the knob back to its place. The bathroom was now filled with steam, the mirror foggy, from the hot water. He dried off his wet, tan skin, and then towel dried his hair. As he walked back to his room with his towel around his waist he realized he only had ten minutes left. Was he really in the shower that long? He quickly pulled on a pair of pink lace panties, he always loved them, and then after, his red chinos. Then his white t-shirt. He pulled on his vans just as he heard a knock on the door.

"Coming!" Louis yelled, spraying himself with body spray quickly, the smell spreading around his room.

"I sure hope not." Niall joked as he walked into Louis' flat.

"Oh god, Niall. That's not what I meant, smart ass." Louis said, thumping Niall's head lightly. "Let's go." Louis said, wanting to eat already.

They both walked down to Niall's car, a black SUV, and both hoped in. they were heading off to the diner that Louis worked at, today being his day off, Niall thought it was a good idea, and Louis never turns down Niall, he was his best friend.

Soon enough they arrived at the small diner in down town Doncaster. Gigi's was its name. Niall parked quickly, and took the key out of his ignition. He got out of his side and went to open the door for Louis, swooping him into a bear hug. "I haven't given you one yet, Lou." Louis accepted and wraped his tiny arms tightly around the tall lad, loving how his embrace felt.

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