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Rydel: Who
Rydel: Grace u can drive there and to the restaurant and Anna u can drive to walmart and home.
Grace: ok
Anna: ok
Grace: can we get the same nails
Anna and Grace: yea then we can go get matching swimming suits, then we can go tanning and swimming.
Grace: yeah
"Grace drives to the mall to get their nails done"
Grace: these are so pretty
Rydel: my outfit matches them
Anna: I want to marry my nails
Grace: Anna, you r weird
Anna: way to ruin the moment grace
Rydel: let's go put our beanies and stuff on
Grace and Anna: Ya, we don't want people attacking us
Rydel: yup
Grace: ummm guys here comes a bunch of people.
Anna: I suggest we run.
Rydel: will you guys stay behind me
Anna and Grace: yes run
Will they get out of the mall in time?
Will they get attacked?

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