Luke woke, feeling a weight on his chest. He looked down and was met with the sight of a curly haired angel sleeping soundly, golden eyelashes fluttering, a light stream of drool emitting from his slightly parted lips.

Luke's body was curled around him protectively and he thought Ashton looked beautiful like this, the way the sun lite up his golden curls, casting a shadow over the sharp edges of his face.

He ran his hands over the smaller boys porcelain skin admiring the way it would look so much more beautiful covered in cuts and bruises, admiring the way the his Hazel eyes would look so much more beautiful filled with Lust and pain, and maybe even a little love.

Luke immediately repressed the thoughts of all they ways he could torture the smaller boy; he was trying to change, Ashton would be different, he didn't know how but he would be. And, because of that Luke wanted to be different too.

Luke continued to admire the sleeping boy in his arms before he was roughly pulled out of his trance by the feeling of something on his hip. He looked down, eyebrows furrowed in confusion and the sight he was met with made pure, hot rage settle in the pit of his stomach.

Ashton had a boner.

How dare he? Luke thought, sleep in my bed and dream of someone else? How dare have the nerve to get a goddamn boner over someone else after everything I did for him yesterday? Luke began breathing heavily, he tried controlling his anger but how could he when Ashton was dreaming of someone else in his bed?

In a fit of rage, Luke ripped himself up from the bed startling Ashton awake. He didn't get to utter a single word before Luke threw and sharp punch to his jaw.

Ashton wailed in agony and confusion as Luke beat him, dragging him out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the basement. Ashton wanted to scream, but the tears were clogging his throat.

He didn't want Luke to be mad at him, he hated to dissapoint him. He didn't know why, but he knew he deserved this; he needed to be punished.

"I'm sorry Luke, I'm sorry," Ashton cried though he had no idea what he was apologizing for, " P-please don't hurt me!"

Luke laughed, 'Look at you, begging me for mercy," He delivers a kick to Ashton's stomach, "You're so pathetic!"

another kick to the ribs

a kick to the face

a punch

Luke continued to beat on Ashton, releshing the sight of the boy, beaten and bloody, completely helpless, tyring to ignore the sharp pain on the left side of his chest at seeing the boy hurt.

Ignoring the way the curly-headed boy's sobs broke his heart, because he wasn't suppossed to feel sympathy. He wasn't suppossed to feel guilt, he shouldn't want to hold the broken boy in his arms and tell him everything would be alright.

So he pretended he didn't feel that way, kicking and punching Ashton's lifeless body harder everytime he felt a pang of guilt, until he got bored and went upstairs.

Leaving Ashton alone to cry and scream and pray that someone would save him


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