Chapter 11~ her

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3 weeks later....
Hayes's pov:
I recently just met this girl..... her name was Bella. She had long brown hair and deep hazel eyes. She was perfect... well she was perfect to me. we are now dating and we have been dating for 3 weeks now. I'm so happy and blessed that I have such a sweet beautiful girl that I finally get to call mine.

Ashley's pov:
It's been 3 weeks since the party and me and Jc couldn't stop laughing that night. You are probably wondering why we were laughing but it was because I fell into the pool fully clothed. Jc was laughing along with the other boys from o2l, so I decided to prank them. I pretended like I couldn't swim and as soon as I went down for 2 seconds I felt jc's arms around me pulling me up. I told him I could swim I was just tricking him, and I was laughing so hard that my sides hurt. That was 3 weeks ago and we are still laughing about it. Then he started tickling me and I'm not ticklish so he tried his hardest but couldn't get me to laugh. "ugh you are no fun you know?" Sighed jc. "im sowwyy,,,, but I wuvvvvv youuuuu." "sure ya do, just kidding I wuvvvvv youuuu toooo." Jc chuckled. We then started cuddling and we drifted off to sleep wrapped together like vines........

A/N: HEYYY I'm so sorry I haven't updated in forever! But I'm back so yay!!!!! AyeIts_Bella is dating hayes now and their ship name is either #hella or #bayes and I ship #hella.... but anyway go follow her she is super sweet and thanks for 286 reads. love you all and stay beautiful❤️☁️😘

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