Date (Part 2) - chapter 25

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Chapter 25

I took a breath and took Niall's hand in mine. I wasn't sure what was going to happen exactly, but I was completely and utterly nervous. Have I mentioned I regretted this yet? Well if I haven't here it is now. I totally regret agreeing to any of this. If we haven't been coming to such a fancy restaurant I would have told him to take me home right away. No, fuck that. If I didn't have such a huge ego I would have told him to buy me Mc Donald's first and then take me home so I can eat in peace. Alone.

But no. I have to be one of those very egotistical people when it came to having to make a promise to fucking Niall Horan. Well not really a promise, but a dare, if you must. Anyways, I can't really back out now. We've already climbed up the grand stairs that you hardly see in restaurants unless it's one of those people who are going to a royal ball or something. Stupid fairy-tale movies. Making me think I'm in some sort of fairy-tale or something. Pft.

I look around me and see the amazing marble flooring that was fancy and then I saw the transition when we actually entered. The marble floor was quickly replaced with a soft plush carpet which was a royal red color. Giving the rich fabric on the wall a romantic sophisticated atmosphere.The wall were swirls twisting and intervening into each other. The main back ground color was a pearl white with red and silver scurrying across the canvas of the walls.

I was truly amazed by this site that was around me. Everything was new and I was completely impressed by what he had to bring and show me. Who would have honestly known Niall Horan would bring someone such as myself to such an amazing restaurant? For obvious reasons I didn't think he would bring me to such a place. Why do you think I didn't even bother putting on fancy clothes? I think I made a mistake and now I'm too late to go back and fix it. Okay and maybe just a little bit lazy, but you can't blame me okay.

The tables around me were all fancy as well. All were wooden and custom-made covered with an amazing fabric over them that was big and probably made of silk. To say I was stunned is an understatement what Niall has done it surprised me to the limit. The limit of course not being me passing out, because that would be embarrassing.

The waiter guided us to a seclueded corner with a fancy window that you could see out, but they wouldnt see in. Wait. I wasnt even aware that the waiter had even begun to guide us anywhere at all. What the hell man? I really need to start focusing on the things surrounding me. The waiter then waited for us to take our seats and handed us our menus. I couldn't help but check the waiter out. He had dyed iliac hair and beautiful milky skin that complimented his forest green eyes. I wasn't really sure how to react with such a handsome young waiter. He looked almost my age for gods sake! And not to mention how amazing he looks with that suit and tie he's currently wearing.

I could just feel my hormones explode with this new revelation of this insanely hot guy standing in front of me. I'm guessing I sat there staring to long because Niall, who sat in front of me if I may remind myself, coughed loud enough to snap me out of my drooling state. I slowly recovered and pretended to clear my own throat, covering my mouth, just to make sure I hadn't been drooling the entire time of something.

I clearly know that our waiter didn't see the gesture unnoticed because he was trying it hide a slight smile that was begging to appear on he glamours face. Niall on the other hand didn't seem to happy with the way things were going at the moment. And something about it made me kind of... What? Happy? I'm not sure, but seeing his reaction really is amusing. The awkwardness was kind of getting to all if us and that's when this fabulous person remembered his job apparently because he politely smiled.

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