Ari's P.O.V: "If you gave me a chance I would take it, Its a-" I groaned as I hit snooze on my alarm clock, I seriously did not want to go to school today and have to deal with him. I got up and stretched,as I walked to the bathroom I almost screamed,my had marks,and bruises all over it,I cried silently 'what did I ever do to him?'. I sniffled and stepped into the shower, I let my eyes close shut as the hot relaxing water hit my back «33 min later» after I stepped out I dried my hair,and put on a black sweater that had little cactuses with flowers on it,I put my dark skinny jeans and white Converse on,I decided to wear my hair down today. I Looked in the mirror,once I was satisfied with how I Looked I walked down stairs and got an Apple. I stepped into my black challenger ,and drove to school. Once I arrived I walked in and all eyes were on me, I kept walking and heard a few whistles, I rolled my eyes and kept walking,Finally I arrived at my locker and started to take my books out "YO ARIANA" a deep voice screamed,I cringed as I turned around only to be looking at the one and only Jason McCann. My breath hitched and my heart started to beat faster than usual, I slowly looked up at him and saw that he had his hair in his famous quiff and sunglasses,he was wearing a navy blue tight v-neck shirt which casted his tattoos and muscles,with black jeans that had a rip in them with white surpas. My God he was gorgeous the way when he licks his lips and- 'What are you thinking Ariana? he's your bully I thought "Are you done checking me out" he said with a hint of cockiness while smirking,all I could do is blush and look down. "You look different today" his voice rasped "It's just my hair" I said nervously, he chuckled darkly and walked off.

Jason's P.O.V: I knew exactly the way Ariana felt about me...Scared,and I shall keep it that way after what her brother did to my family... "Aye Jason" Tyler said,me and Tyler are tight after he saved me from Ariana's brother. "What?" "Wanna make a bet?" "Okay" I smirked. "I bet you 1,000 dollars that you can't make Ariana fall for you in 2 months" he said chuckling , I smirked "Trust me, she'll be putty in my hands in two weeks" he stuck his hand out and we both shook on it. I smirked and watched as Ariana went into her next class.

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