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i know it's short, sorry. ive gotten my ipod taken away and my laptop broke... im trying very hard to write on my shitty android..

"Lamb, hun, you have to get to school. Your mom came by yelling at me about how you stole her car and took it back. She didnt even bother taking you home... I swear to God, Liam. That woman is more than a bitch. But, I called the only person you text, Louis, and he was generous enough to come pick you up, no questions asked. Sweet guy. He'll be here in twenty minutes, so I laid out clothes. Go quickly now, becuase there is only twelve minutes until all the weird ones on my floor flood the bathroom." Liam smiled, kissing her cheek before rushing over the to bathroom.

After he dressed and said goodbye to Wesley once more, he stood outside waiting for Louis. It was almost stupid, how she had called him. Honestly, he could've taken the bus or something... now he's got to spend four hours in a car with a boy he hardly knew, picking him up at a mental hospital. He groaned and shook his head as Louis pulled up, smiling out the window and unlocking the doors. Liam got in, putting his little bag on his lap and throwing his head back with a sigh.

"Sorry you had to come, Lou. This morning was kindof shit..." He laughed a bit, rubbing his arm in a awkward manner.

"It's alright mate, really. I like driving, and I had to drop all the girls off at school anyway..." He smiled again, because in all honesty, Liam had saved him from a hellish morning with his landlord. Marking him down for another month with late rent.

The two spent the next three hours in the car chatting about little things, and Louis didnt once bring up where Liam had been all night, and Liam didnt really know how to thank him for it. So, he didnt, and let the little gesture go unsaid when they both got out of the car infront of the school.

"See you at lunch, yeah?" Louis began walking away, locking the car and waving.

"See you." Liam called, waving back and walking around to the back of the school. It was closer to his locker, and he sort of hoped Zayn would be there... maybe smoking. Waiting there with his lips plump and soft, ready for Liam to attach his own.

Liam didnt find him there, though, and he didnt see him again until school had ended, when he was walking down the hall with that Niall kid on his tail, him smoking and running his hand through his hair in a sort of frustration. Liam began to follow him, not wanting the slow trickle of students falling out of the school to judge him for calling out.

"Zayn," he breathed, just when the two stopped at an outside wall. Niall had handed Zayn what seemed to be drugs, and Zayn took it eagerly. Not that Liam minded, though.

"Liam!" Zayn smiled, motioning Liam to position himself under his arm. "I've missed you." He laughed, taking a drag of the joint. The first puffs acted strange on Zayn.

"What is happening here, exactly?" Niall whispered, sat across from the two.

"Liam, leave." Zayn said with sudden wide eyes, staring down at him and pulled his arm away. Liam looked up with a confused glare. The lightheaded feeling of a brand new substance in his lungs wearing off.

Niall took a bit, but eventually understood Liams quick glares as a plead to leave, and what the hell... He needed a drink anyway.

"Liam, I told you to leave. Not Niall." Zayn scowled, scooting away from the flower headed boy.

"Im not leaving, you dickhead. You can't do this to me again." Liam narrowed his eyes at Zayn, folding his hands over his chest.

Zayn got angry then, and stood up, pulling Liam along with him. He had him pinned against the brick wall, their faces close as ever and Liam hands grabbing for relief.

"Leave me alone, Liam. I fucking told you I'm not gay." He almost growled then, dropping and stomping his roll into the ground.

"Zayn," Liam tried to grab at Zayn's shoulders, but he was shaken off. His hands were shaking violently when he placed them on Zayns waist, instead. His face softened. "I will only stay here if you want me to. If you want to me to leave, I will. I will go far and try to stay there, but it's going to be so hard. I don't know what's happening, Zayn. You keep doing this to me, and I don't know why I deal with it, but I can't get enough of yo-"

Lips were smashing together, in some sweet explosion. It lasted a tiny while, until Zayn mumbled into it, the words that started it all off.

"I'm so sorry"

And Liam accepted the apology, as always.

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