Chapter 2

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Hot cocoa/ l.h-chapter 2

Suddenly, it made sense to me. The way his deep, Australian accent vibrated through my ears, giving me goosebumps on my arms and the way his slight grin set a thousand fireworks roaring through my body. It wasn't too difficult to put the pieces together. Nobody else had irises as blue as the Hawaiian tides; eyes that reminded me that I was deathly afraid of drowning.The boy I left behind long ago seemed to be standing right before my almond-hued eyes.

I tried my best to hide my face so that he could not recognize me the way I recognized him. I cocked my head to the marble floor, hoping his oceanic eyes hadn't caught the sight of my brown ones yet. I thought for sure I would never see him again. I never knew it could be an option, but here he was, with his shiny blond hair styled/tousled to perfection.

"Oh, thank you. I'm glad you liked it," I said nervously, deliberately avoiding eye contact.

"Yeah." He chuckled warmly." I haven't had cocoa this good in a while."

I nod my head quickly, wishing that this conversation would be over soon.

"Hey, what's your name? I can't read your name tag when you're standing over there." He said curiously.

Without thinking, I whipped my head in his direction, doing exactly what I had hoped not to do. His eyes widened slightly as his eyes lingered on me. He opened his mouth to speak but I interrupted him.

"Excuse me." I said rather hastily, rushing back to the kitchen.

I almost made it through the kitchen doors, but a strong grip made its way onto my forearm. My body went rigid and all the color from my already pale face drained, leaving me resembling a corpse.

"Marse? Are you okay? How'd it go?" Leo asked, his eyed filled with concern.

"It was Him." I stated blankly, trying to conceal all the emotion that jolted through my body.

Leo knew exactly what I was talking about, since I explained who he was a while ago. I was talking about the boy I called my best friend at fourteen years old; the boy who was my ray of sunshine on a foggy day in Sydney. The boy who held the key to my heart; the one who was my only companion.

It was easy to bloom a friendship with the boy who lived at the end of the street. He was friendly, sincere and sweet. The bond we had was stronger than iron; it seemed unbreakable at the time. But eventually things changed, and we had to start a new chapter in our lives. It broke my heart knowing that he would not be a part of it, leaving me to write my story without him.

FLASHBACK- seven years ago

" I don't understand...why is this happening so suddenly?" My best friend asked, quite confused.

The truth was, I had known we were moving for two months already. I just didn't have the courage to tell him. I didn't want to cause him pain. He was my best friend, and even though I didn't want to lose him, there was nothing I could do to change the outcome.

" I don't know, Luke." I sighed, playing with the hem of my twill sweater, avoiding his icy gaze.

"What am I supposed to do without you? You're my best friend, Marse. I don't want to lose you. Ever." He said, as he motioned for me to scoot closer to him on his front porch.

I dragged my feet across the cement, trying to avoid the icky feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"You'll be okay," I said, trying to reassure the small blond next to me," and you won't lose me. I will always be here."

The icky feeling intensified with the fact that I was blatantly lying to my best friend. I honestly had no idea whether or not we would lose each other. My future was uncertain, and I had no idea what was to come with it.

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