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"Stop it! You have no damn right to act like this Maxon. You. You. You. Well you know what Maxon... Damn You! Stop feeling sorry for yourself Maxon because all I see is a little boy throwing a tantrum." Red stopped as Claire started to stir in her arms.

"We need to talk about this later when Claire isn't around."

"Go to the door Maxon and ask Anna to come and get her."

" But..."

"No buts Maxon. I'm so tired of all this. I don't want to argue with you but if that's how I can get you to understand then I will."

Maxon looked at her and as determined as she was to present a strong, determined facade she felt her heart bleeding for the lost hope he portrayed. A man so strong and yet so vulnerable. A little boy playing the part of a grown up, determined to be a man in the eyes of the world who was destined to be a child with the inability to express himself under the rules that govern society. Were all men like him?

"Could... Could I hold her?"

Red looked at him surprised.

"Uh... sure."

He walked around the bed nervously. He'd held babies before but this time was different. This time he was going to be holding his daughter. A little piece of him he never thought he'd ever have in his life.

She still slept which surprised him. She'd slept through their raised voices as well. Maybe she'd sleep well for her mother.

He looked down at her in Red's arms and knew what a dickhead he'd been. She was perfect in every way. Just like her mother. What ever else happened he knew he'd make it his purpose to protect her from arseholes... like her father.

"Maxon!" Red said in a panic. " She's not breathing properly!"

He slammed his hand on the nurses call button as Red tried to get Claire to wake up. Tiny, raspy breaths were what they were greeted with as Claire tried to breathe normally. Her lips were turning blue as they watched her in panic with Red talking to her and begging her to hold on; to open her eyes. Nothing worked.

Maxon couldn't handle it anymore. His daughter looked like she was dying and Red looked like her heart was breaking. He felt so damn fucking useless!

"Where the fuck are they?" he yelled as he raced to the door slamming it open with a force that left a mark on the wall behind it.

Their family and Red's friends were still waiting outside for them and jumped in shock at the sound and Maxon's dark expression.


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