Chapter 8

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Zero'a POV
"Hurry up and do it before I change my mind," I said angry. Kaname went up to Lucy and took her memories of me. "It's done," Kaname said."I shall be the father of this child," Kaname said. I look at him and then walk away. I need some air. "I love you Lucy" I thought.

Lucy's POV
I woke up and felt like I'm forgetting something but oh well. "Hey hun," a voice said. "Kaname!" I said happy. "How's our baby?" He asked. "Good we need to go to the doctor and see what it is," I said with a smile. "Ok let's go," he said.

We walk on the campus to see the doctors. I look over and see a silver headed boy looking at me. It looked like he was crying. I wanted to go cheer him up but me and Kaname were in a rush.

"Hello Lucy," said the doctor. "Are you ready to see want it is," he said. I grab Kaname's hand and smile at him. "It's gonna be ok," Kaname said. "Well I can't find a heart beat," said the doctor. I look at Kaname and gasp. "Oh I found it... I mean I found them," the doctor said. I felt happy. "Wait what," I said confused. "Your havin twins," the doctor said. Two kids to raise wow that's gonna be a lot of work. "Looks like one is a girl and a boy," he said. After that me and Kaname went shopping.

Zero's POV
As I saw Lucy look at me I wanted to cry. She looked so beautiful. I wonder what we are having. I smiled I bet Lucy is happy and that's all that matters. "I love you Lucy," I say to myself.

Kaname's POV
Lucy was so happy. I can't believe it's twins we are gonna have a big job. I decided to tell Zero what she's having. "Zero, it's me Kaname," I said. "Go away vampire," he sounded angry. "Do you want to know what she's having or not," I smirked. Zero slowly comes out. "She's having twins ones a boy and ones a girl," I said calm. I saw the biggest smile on Zero's face but then disappeared. "Okay you can leave now," he sounded sad. "It's for her own good Zero," I said then walked away.

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