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(Kian's POV)

“And we have here with us an amazing group of guys. If you know what YouTube is, you should know who these guys are. Please put your hands together for…O2L!”

I look up when I hear our name, and immediately claps and cheers erupted. They got louder when we step out from backstage onto the platform.

Yes, we were on the Ellen Show. The Ellen freaking DeGeneres Show.

We all take a sit on the long couch, and there she is smiling at us. We patiently wait for the cheers to die down, but just as we think it’s about to, it picks up again. People like us that much?

“Okay, so I see that many of you in the audience are O2L fans. And since this is their first time on the Show, we’re going to let them all introduce themselves, and tell us a little about being part of Our Second Life, before we talk about why they’re really here.”

We take turns, and when we reach Connor’s turn, Ellen picks up her mug and I see that it’s a “but first, coffee” mug. When Connor’s done talking, she’s still taking a long sip, slowly on purpose, and there’s a silence that just hangs there as we’re all waiting for her. She holds out her hand, still drinking. Everyone starts laughing.

She looks up, like she’s noticing us for the first time. “Oh, you like my mug? I was gonna say something, ‘but first, coffee’.” She holds out the mug in reference, and there's more laughter. “All of you in the audience are leaving today with a Connor’s ‘but first, coffee’ mug.” The audience cheers!

“Love you, Connor!” Someone yells.

Ellen looks up in mock shock. “I’m the one buying you the mugs, you should say, ‘Love you, Ellen.”

“Love you, Ellen!”

“Connor Franta, I know you left O2L a while ago, so how does it feel to be with the quad again?”

Connor smiles and takes a pensive moment. “It’s been really hard for me being away from my brothers, but I’m really glad that they want me on their trip with them.”

“Okay, since you mentioned the trip, let’s talk about that,” She looks on the screen to the side, and I see my face pop up.

It a clip from the video I made 4 weeks ago, confirming that we were going on a trip to the Sahara.

I hear myself say on the video, “As most of you guys know by now, we are going to Africa in about a month’s time.”

“A month and one week,” Ricky clarifies.

“Yeah, and thanks to everyone who made this a reality, with encouragements. This is going to be quite an…”

The clip ends, and we look back at the audience that starts to clap.

“Okay, from what I hear, you were dared by one of your viewers, right?” She asks, looking directly at me.

I nod.

“So, do you know who this girl is? Have you heard from her ever since?”

“We heard from her once, and she’s sceptical about the fact we say we’re going. She didn’t seem to believe it’s true though. She made going for tour in Australia and England and such places sound so cliché and now we realise it kinda is, which is the root of why we really want to go. We wanna have fun; do something that’s different from what we’re used to; experience another lifestyle and culture."

"Nice. Some people think this trip is going to be some sort of reunion for O2L, since you'll probably be making videos to update your fans. And you've got Connor back with you. There are rumours that you guys broke up, so what do you say about that?"

I nudge Jc to speak. "Umm, I definitely think that yeah, it'll be a great bonding time for us. Also, it’ll be a story to tell in years to come, and hopefully we'll stay together even after the trip.”

“‘It’ll be a great story to tell,’” she repeated his words. “You know it’s not the first time I’m hearing that from you; you said the same thing in your video. So, I got a little gift for you all.”

Out from the corner behind her, she pulls out a box from a bag and opens it. It’s Sony’s lasted digital three-in-one. The one I’ve wanted to get. It was a full wide-screen HD camera, and a Camcorder, and it had its own editing programme.

"I hope this will help you all capture the moments of your trip."

“Thanks, Ellen,” we all say.

“You’re welcome. Before you leave today, there’s one—no there are two activities--I want you to entertain our audience with. Before coming here we asked them what they’ll like to see, and at the top is Ricky twerking.” A cheer goes up.

Ricky face palms, and Nicki Minaj’s Anacconda song starts playing.

Ellen gets up with him and they both start ‘twerking’ to “Oh, my gosh, look at her butt…” while the audience hoots and cheers.

“Thanks for the booty action there, Ricky. Not bad. Next up guys will involve all of you. Since you’re going to be in Africa in about a week’s time, this will help you be dauntless in the food department.” She motions to the end of the platform.

There are six guys standing there, each holding a covered plate.

We line up, and get blind-folded.

“Okay, first coming up, open you mouths.”

I did and cautiously felt what was dropped in my mouth. It smelled like meat, and when I took a bite it was rubbery. It tasted amazing, so I chewed and swallowed.

“Okay, good job, guys." We get a cheer. "Next, open your mouths.”

This time, the smell was spicy. I wasn’t as cautious as I was with the first, so when I took a bite it was crunchy. I felt it, and realised I just bit into an insect’s head.

I jump and spit it out of my mouth immediately. The audience cracks up, and I hear Ellen’s laugh not far away.

I yank the blind-fold from my eyes, and there staring back at me is the face of a grasshopper, locust, cricket, whatever you want to call it. 

"This tastes amazing," Sam say, and I stare at him like he's from another planet. 

"What is it?!" Trevor asks. 

They all swallow, and this time I watched in horror as the opened their mouths for the third item. 

They all spit it out at the same time, and I laugh along with the audience.


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