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Soooo yeah i realize i may seem a tad bit lazy cause i havent written in soooooooooo long but guys forgive me. I have school which takes off 8 hours of my day. I know thats not an excuse cause i still have 16 hours to do aleast something. Anywho yeah im off school tomorrow which means i will update all day if i jave to just to make it up (not just sayin that either). So yeah comment and tell me if you think i should update all day tomorrow or not. So yeah i still feel bad for not updating in a while :(. But i will let you in on a secret there is ALOT of drama about to go down in the next few chapters. So yeah hrre is something funny...........i guess. Go read Summers books one shots and her other book love is the place of no escape. Follow us on twitter @tomogirl4ever (me) @luvsinging1 (summer). Yeah so i love you guyssssssssss.

My friends and i have the stupidest arguements. We argue over who is better Niam or Ziam. Now dont get me wrong we dont think the boys are gay its just we think they would look good together. #Niam or # Ziam.

Let me tell you guys we really do argue over this stuff. So yeah comment and say wiether you think Niam is better (duh of course Niam is better) or Ziam.  So choose #Niam or #Ziam.

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