To The Movies

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You zip up your jacket and smile in the mirror. 'I look hot!' you think. It wasn't modesty, it was honesty. You honestly feel good about yourself, which was a good thing to have right now since you haven't felt it for a while.
You look at the time and start to panic, Ashton will be at your apartment in five minutes. The two of you have been dating for a little more than a year now and he still manages to make you excited to go out like it was the first time. A knock on the door startles you and you walk to the door with glee. You open the door to see your Ashton smiling back at you.
"Hey there beautiful." Ashton smiles at you.
"Hi Ash!" You say to him. He leans in and places a kiss on your mouth.
"You ready El?" Ashton asks as he steps inside.
"Yes I am." You reply to him. You grab your keys and walk out the door, hand interlocked with Ashton's. The two of you walk three blocks to the Cinemas chatting about random topics that crossed our minds.
"So Ellie, I think that this has gone pretty well and I guess I was wondering if, you wanted to maybe... Maybe" You giggle at his adorable nervous stutter and stop walking to comfort him.
"Yes?" You urge.
"I was wondering if you think we're ready to move in together?" You paused in surprise then smile with joy.
"Of course Ash! We stay with each other practically every night anyways, it was only bound to happen." You exclaim happily. You and Ashton walk to the Cinemas and watch what soon became your favorite movie as a couple. And with Ashton with you, you never had the feeling that you weren't worth anyone's time.
(Hey guys!!! I'm sorry if this one sucked... It was a hard topic to work with. But I'll post another and you can always request!!! And if you could please spread the word about this book! I love you all!!!!
-Aubrey 🌺)

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