Chapter 6 Mind in Overdrive

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Adam's POV

Grace falls asleep in my arms. Her body temperature has gone up some since this morning when I found her. 

She's so tough. Most women in her situation  usually never make it out alive. They get killed by their mates whether it be from the abuse or a broken heart.  Very few escape on their own and almost none of them are willing to go their Alpha and ask for help. 

My wolf keeps thinking about how Grace almost didn't make out. Thank god for the rogue. But would Darren come after her. Would he try to take our daughter away from Grace?

I'll go to the counsel. I'll make sure that Grace has options. I want her  to make sure that our daughter is safe. 

I cuddle Grace to my chest. She seems to like holding onto me. Almost as if it's a safety thing. 

I wonder how we're going to to deal with later today. I have a full schedule of meetings  and routines to go over. And I still have to tell Grace about "her". My big surprise.  

Maybe Grace can hang out with Kimmie but then it's too much to ask Kimmie to watch along with Aiden and Noah. She'll spend the day away from the house. 

I'll just take Grace with me. Then later tonight we can go shopping for some clothes and personal things for Grace. 

I feel my eyelids growing heavy. I snuggle in with her and fall asleep.

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