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Pen Your Pride

I walked to the entrance of the cave and heard load moans and bows and then I heard the clashing of bones and swords I don't know what got a holt of me but I jumped into the cave it was deeper than I thought I fell about 5,000 feet and then I felt the cooling touch of cave water. There he was he turned around with at least ten bones in his hand then he walked towards the water and I felt the grass on the top of my head stand up and then Steve I hoped out the water and he choped me in the head with his diamond pick axe I was slowly falling asleep in it but then I heard the yells of terror and I saw him ,Steve hacking away at a piece of stone and the stone dissipered into his inventory the cruel place were there is no hope of escape. I ran at Steve and jumped up and was just about to fall on his head but then I felt a sharp object dig into my dirt so deep it came out my back and I slipped into darkness agin and felt the rush I knew were I was but it was suppose to be over then i was suppose to be out the inventory , but I was still in the inventory I started running but all I saw was darkness and heard nothing then I felt a hand on my shoulder and knew I was surly dead i yelled out who is there and then i heard a slow deep voice i turned around and was quikly blinded by the light of of a strange block that illuminted yellow light the voice said do not worry we are planning the escape now my child i have been here for who knows how long and havent been hurt, my name is Greg but you can call me elder block i have ruled over the nether for years with connfusin and scardness i asked what is the nether he turned and said the worst place anyone you could ever go up to 1000 degress and then i heard a fimalar voice yell out my name...

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