Chapter 8

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First off I want to say sorry for the heavy last chapter...

It must have been about mid day when I awoke. I was in a cocoon of warm sheets which was why I didn't want to leave the extremely comfortable bed. Reluctantly though I needed to because my monster of a stomach was grumbling for food. Quietly I slipped into the hall. Putting on the only clothes I own, after a night in underwear.

As I pass one of the doors a weird smell protrudes out of it, it smelt grimy like rot.. I don't think to much of it due to the fact my hosts were supernatural. When I pass Dans room I here him stir slightly, so I walk past even more silently past.

Once downstairs I explore the kitchen on a hunt for some sort of breakfast. So much food, bursting with variety lined the shelves. Much of it loaded to the brim with sugar. But then I open a door to find a cupboard shining with so many different cereals you could have a field trip.

After tirelessly searching, I settle for a big bowl of chocolate cereal, I smother it in milk and sit down straight at the island. Still I was on edge about being here. Now I knew I have been influenced by mind control, every time Dan looked at me it made me anxious.

I definitely didn't want to be here.

What about my family?
I mean I didn't really to speak to them but wouldn't they be worried?

What about my job?
That would have been gone the day I didn't show up at that godforsaken place. My boss always hated me, and nobody there was fond of me.

I contemplate home, my life, my future as I slurp the milk from the spoon. There was a dark loom over the room so I thought to open the blinds. The light bursts in at me from the frost glazed windows. My sleepy green eyes blink smoked at it. After focus comes to them I look over the sparkling landscape. Winter had left its coldest touch on the land, casting foggy rolls over the vast fields and hills.

"It's pretty good isn't it?" Phil was standing behind me shaking cereal in to the bowl, "oh and don't tell Dan I'm stealing his cereal!"

He walks though to the other room but then pops his head back around the door smiling, "do you want to come and watch tv with me? I can't sleep" I look at the windows and remember his sleeping pattern. So I follow, in the thought that I'd better get to know him. He seats himself in the corner of the sofa and sticks some random channel on.

"You know Eve," he says so regularly like he's known me for years.
"Dan likes you a lot, even when he saw you for just moments that one night. He came home and couldn't stop thinking about you." He turns and looks a me sweetly. I instantly feel safe with Phil, just the way his blue eyes look so loving and he seems so warm. Something inside me tells me to trust him.

Unlike Dan who my mind can't decide over. He makes my heart flutter but it can turn to my insides churning, in moments. Maybe one day I'll learn to love Dan but I'll see.

But for now here Phil and I sit, Phil occasionally making a joke in accordance to the program. He was much taller than me like Dan. Phil sparked with this childishness which makes him even more likeable. After a couple of shows I begin to fall asleep. Heavy eyes I try to stay awake, but Phil starts to notice.

"Late night last night" he says, turning off the TV. Slowly he stands, curling his arms around me picking me up. He cradled me effortlessly. Easily he carried me upstairs and set me into bed.

"I know this is hard for you, Eve. But it will be okay. I'll always be here for you, like a brother. Just call me Big brother Phil." He laughs and shuffles of most likely to bed.

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