Chapter 6

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Violets pov
"Hey vi?" Maggie was waiting outside our tent.
"I just want to say I'm always here for you, I've been through some awful stuff with the governor and I've lost people so I understand how you feel."
The governor? I thought to myself,
"Thank You maggie, me too, I'm who's this governor guy?."
"I thought carl would have told you about him, he's this guy from a town called Woodbury who killed my dad."
"Oh my god. oh no. oh my god."
I ran back into the tent without answering maggie. I sat in the tent by myself until carl came in.
"Maggie told me you went all weird, are you ok?"
"Carl what the fuck why didn't you tell me?"
"My uncle. my uncle was a murderer and you didn't tell me."
"I thought it was best..."
"Is he dead?"
He took my into his arms,
"I'm sorry vi."
"It's ok carl, I'm going to tell the group."
And before Carl could stop me i walked out of my tent.
"Guys?" We were still in the woods so everyone was near, they all looked up.
"So Carl and Maggie told me about the governor. I uh. You have obviously realised I'm British, I came to Georgia to visit my uncle and his wife and daughter. Then there was this whole outbreak so we couldn't go home, we stayed with my uncle, his daughter and wife died and he went all weird. He made a group and started talking about a town, everyone started calling him... the governor. Me, dad and India left the group and didn't know anything about him after that. Until now. I understand if you don't want me as part of your group anymore."
There was a long silence until Rick spoke up. "I appreciate you telling us, you know what? It's a small world isn't it violet?" He chuckled.
"I'll get my stuff" muttered
"What do you mean?" Rick asked
"I understand you don't want me."
"Vi if you were anything to do with the Woodbury people you wouldn't have told us about that of course i want you to stay. Besides, carl needs the company." He outstretched his arms and I hugged him.

That day we stayed at our little camp in the woods. It was fairly cheery considering it was an apocolypse. No one mentioned me being related to the governor and we all just sat around the fire and talked. When the sun had gone down we were all quietly sitting around the fire.
"This is a long shot but does anyone know the date?" I asked
"I do!" Glen replied excitedly. The group looked at him curiously
"Nothing wrong with keeping track of the days." He shrugged. "it's the 23rd of September." He announced proudly.
"it's my 15th birthday in one week!" I said.
Everyone smiled and they agreed we'd try and find somewhere indoors to sleep and have a bit of a party. Sort of.
When the fire had died we all decided to go to sleep. Carl and I crawled into our tent, however we weren't tired at all.
"you're going to have the best birthday, you know that?"
"I hope so."
I put my arms around him and kissed him.
"I love you carl grimes" I whispered
"I love you more violet taylor" he said and kissed me.
The next day I woke up with an idea.
"Carl isn't there an old mall somewhere near here? I remember my unc- uh I remember him saying something about a mall"
"Let me ask my dad."
Carl got up to ask Rick about the mall and I stayed in my sleeping bag thinking about how much I missed my dad.
"Guys!" I heard Rick say from outside.
I got out of my tent and stood with the rest of the group
"vi and carl have said something to me about a mall, I've checked my map and there is one not too far from here. Hopefully there won't be too many walkers considering it's quite a small mall, I'm thinking there can't be more than the ones we cleared out at the prison. So, if you guys all think it's worth a shot then pack up your stuff and we'll leave before sunset. It won't take more than a day to walk there."
The group exchanged looks and nodded,
"It's worth a try." Glenn said.
We all separated and got our stuff packed up, it didn't take long as we didn't have much. When Carl and I got into our tent he kissed my cheek.
"Well done for thinking of that vi."
I kissed him lightly on the Lips in return, and we packed up our stuff.
The walk to the mall went quickly because carl and I were telling jokes and stuff, trying to keep each other distracted.
"Holy shit" I muttered to myself as I saw the walkers surrounding the mall. The group didn't look phased though, according to carl it was less than the prison. It took about 15 minutes to clear the walkers outside and 20 to clear the ones inside. We barricaded all doors and windows necessary and finally settled down. We decided the best place to sleep would be the mattress store because we all deserved a real proper nights sleep. It was maggies watch and I went to go and talk to her for a bit before bed. I got on so well with Maggie because we were both fatherless and sisterless. We spoke for a long time before I decided to sleep. The next morning me and carl woke up expecting it to be a good day. We were wrong.
"Guys...." we heard carol shriek
We all ran over and saw Bob lying on his bed holding his arm, hands covered in blood.
"It happened when we were clearing out the walkers. You all seemed so happy that I couldn't bear to tell you. I'm sorry"
He was looking at sasha, his girlfriend. Her eyes brimmed with tears and so did mine. I never got to know Bob too well but he was always do optimistic, he kept us going when we wanted to give up. Sasha knelt down next to bobs bed and kissed his cheek, tears now rolling down her face. Tyreese was now stood by their side. I've never seen a man look so devastated before. One by one we said goodbye. Sasha going last.
"Bob, you didn't let this world change you and I admire you for that, I love you."
"Sasha don't loose yourself ok? Please don't, I love you too."
And with that we all left the mattress store and stood in the foyer. We heard the soft sobs of Sasha and the squelch of the knife going through his skull. We left her to have some peace.
That might me and carl slept on the far side of the mattress store. He had his arms around me and I cried into his shoulder. I told him how much I missed my dad and my sister and he listened and told me that it would all be ok. It was a long and difficult night.

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