Ch15: The doctor or mickey

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Rose woke in her bed thinking about the night events and with a thumping head ake and she need a doctor to tend to it but she looked for one but there was no one there. Rose get out of bed and got dressed and went down to the TARDIS. Rose opened the door and seen the doctor sitting in the jump seat sleeping she tip toed over to him and made sure he was sleeping and then she banged the TARDIS console so lowed the doctor jamp from his seat " morning " rose tried to say without laughing about the doctor facile expression " morning " the doctor said then yawed " soo why didn't you come and sleep in the flat last night " rose said and bit down on her lip " oh I had to do things down here " " right yeah " the doctor just stared to play with bits of the console rose didn't know what to say or do kissing him is out of the option because of last night and the whole mistake with Mickey ' dose he know about Mickey ' rose though to her self " rose I... em I " the Tardis door suddenly swung open and Mickey came in " hey " " hi " the doctor just looked Mickey with dead eyes he knew about him and rose " so rose how's your head " Mickey said to brake the awkward silence " em it good actually thank for asking " " yeah Mickey your so concerning with other people never mind with your own consequences of other thing that happened maybe last night " rose knew the doctor knew about the kiss " doctor look - " " no rose you look he said he was me last night so he could snog you he lied to you and you took it " " I was drunk and it was a mistake right Mickey " rose looked over to Mickey " no " " you see , wait no what Mickey it was " rose walked over to him " it was look I'm with the doctor now and were great really and I don't want anything to rowen it so it was a mistake really " " to me it wasn't " " well it was to me " rose turned to the doctor he look so anger it didn't show in his face but she could see it in his eyes they were so dark and blank " doctor say something " rose walked up to him took his hands but he pulled them away she put her hand on his face but he moved them away " doctor please " rose started to cry " get out " rose turned to the doctor " what ? " " get out " " doctor I am not leaving " " GET OUT ROSE NOW " rose was so upset that she didn't care if he shouted at her " I'm not leaving " the doctor took rose hand walked to the Tardis doors opened them and put rose out " Mickey get out now " the doctor tried to be calm. Mickey just walked out and stood behind rose " why don't you be with him he's human and he can have a life with you unlike me. He love you " rose look back to Mickey then to the doctor " yeah well I don't love him you know who I love " the doctor looked at the state of rose she was crying and shaking " yeah well " the doctor walked up to the Tardis console and shut the doors rose looked at them she tried to open them even with her key but it didn't open " doctor doctor let me in doctor " rose keep trying to pull the door open even push it but the Tardis was in lock down " doctor let me in please " " rose leave him he's just Making you wait " " yeah well you know a lot about that don't you Mickey " rose looked at Mickey she was so anger with him no wonder the doctor kicked her out rose heard a mic static coming from the Tardis " rose just go home please " " I'm not going until you let me in now let me in now " rose keep shaking the doors but he still wouldn't unlock them rose let go of the door and gave up " fine " rose shouted and ran up to the flat. Went in slammed the door and slide down the door crying Jackie heard rose and got out of bed and went to her crying daughter " rose darling what wrong rose hey " Jackie took rose face in her hand and looked rose dead in the eyes " the doctor he's think I should be with Mickey not him and he's left me mum he's left me " Jackie stood up got her coat moved rose from the door and walked down to the Tardis rose jamp up and went after her raging mother she knew that she would tear the doctor piece by piece. The Tardis seen Jackie and unlocked the doors rose just ran out of the close in time to catch Jackie " mum mum just leave it " rose ran into the Tardis and seen the doctor in the jump seat with his hand over his face " so doctor you think you can just leave rose here ay just leave her after what she told you last night hm " Jackie looked at the doctor but he never looked at her " oh just being a woes ay " " go Jackie just go " " now he talks " " mum " " no rose " " mum no I mean it leave him " rose walked over to the doctor and kneeled in front of him " doctor " she tried to move his hand from his face but it wouldn't move " hey let's just move this hand and " the doctor moved his hand and his face was bleeding " ok em mum can you get me some water from the kitchen the Tardis will show you were it is I have a cloth here " Jackie nodded her head and went to the kitchen " doctor what did you do to your face " " nothing I just... " " you just what " " burned it " " what ? How " " em I kind of keep punching the console and she kind of burnt me " rose wiped some of the blood of the doctor face with the cloth before her mum came and gave her a bowl of water " here " rose took the bowl of water from her mum and dipped the cloth in it rose heard her mums phone ring " sss " " sorry " Jackie walked away from the doctor and rose to take the call then walked back to rose " hey I'm going to have to go that was your auntie Lottie ,lolly is went into hospital so I'm going to have to go " " ok " Jackie walked out the Tardis and left rose and the doctor " done " rose stood up then the doctor grabbed roses arm gently so not to hurt her. Rose turned to face the doctor she knew he was going to say something " what " rose said she was so angry at the doctor no wait that wasn't even close she was pissed of at him he knew what he done was wrong but this is worse " rose you know that I would never make you choose over anything but this I need to know and you need to choice " rose looked at him she was confused what did she have to choose " what " " me or Mickey ".

The doctor always told rose to run from monsters and fight them and save the world but this time the world wasn't in danger of blowing up or invasion this time it was her who was going to blow up. She couldn't think straight with the doctor saying she had to choose between him and Mickey but she hates both of them right now. Rose was siting in her mums flat in the living room she heard someone come in " rose " it was Mickey she done what she always did when a monster come hide she went behind the couch " rose its Mickey were are you " he came into the living looked around couldn't see her and left the apartment rose came from the back of the couch and went into her room she didn't know what to do she couldn't hide from Mickey and the doctor forever. Rose got up and went down to the TARDIS and got Mickey she opened the door and seen the doctor on the jump seat he looked up and seen rose with Mickey he was about to start then rose put here finger on his lips " shut up " the doctor moved her finger from his lips and he sat back down on the jump seat " Mickey sit beside the doctor " Mickey sat in the jump seat " look both of you know I don't like choosing anything exscly between people it was hard but I made a decision I choose " the doctor sat forward in his seat " both of you " " what ? " both the doctor and Mickey said " I choose both of you I thought that was pretty clear I mean I know the doctor speaks different languages but Mickey you only speak English " the doctor smiled at rose " what " Mickey and rose both looked at the doctor " doctor what " " you didn't choose " " of course I didn't " the doctor stood up and went and hugged rose. " Ok the hug is good " rose hugged the doctor back Mickey just sat in the jump seat until they where done " Mickey look I know you probably didn't want me to choose both of you but I'm not falling out with you ok " " well you haven't fell out with me but I've fell out with you " Mickey walked pasted rose and the doctor and went out the TARDIS " my God " rose started to shout over and over again then she sat down on the jump seat and put her head in her hands " did I make the wrong choice because i was sure that he would be fine with it " " no you didn't choose at all so you made the right choice " " yeah that what you say " the doctor walked up to rose kneeled in front of her took her chin in his hand lifted it so she was looking at him " yeah that what I say " rose laughed at the doctor kissing rose " I'm still pissed off at you " rose said still kissing the doctor " I know " " shut up " rose said and made the doctor stand up he back kicked the leaver behind him that made the TARDIS take off him and rose ran down to the corridor still kissing then stopped at the doctor door and went in.

So what do you think happens next

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