The Marionette

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A/N: Sorry for the lack of updates guys! Stuff has been going on that I have to deal with ^-^' Sorry if this one is a little short too, I want to try and update this quickly as I can ^^

I stared at Jeremy as he clambered around the desk, staring at the cameras and winding up the small music-box to his side. I stood there in the corner of the room, waiting for him to at least notice me. It was interesting to watch him clamber around his desk and place the mask on when something came close to the office.

"Jeremy?" I spoke aloud then repeated myself, only a bit louder.

Jeremy perked up slightly and glanced around the room, I waited for him to see me, I figured he could, since he heard me. He continued to scour the room for the voice he heard then began to go back to checking the cameras.

Of course he can't see me...

I watched for another couple of hours, sitting by one of the vents as he wound up a music box.

You can't...

I turned to where the voice was coming from and foumd myself in the back room of the Pizzeria I knew. In a wobbly wooden chair, sat the same man who I met the previous night.

"Leave me alone..." I spoke up.

The purple man chuckled as he crossed one leg over the over, "Feeling brave, are we?" He grinned.

"I'm not afraid of you..." I sent him a glare, only causing him to laugh again.

"Oh? So you don't want to see another clue?" His smile transformed into a smug grin.

I glanced to the side, "I never said that, did I?"

"Uh-huh," he grimaced and pointed to something far behind me, "There..."

When I turned again, I was back at the old Pizzeria, this time in the dining area where loads of kids were running around screaming and playing. In the corner of a room, I saw a white fox with Rosy cheeks being torn apart and put together in hundreds of humiliating ways. When I looked away, the man I saw before his skin was painted purple was before me, he pointed to the front door and nodded.

Outside, on the entrance steps, sat a crying child, thet were wearing a large black hoodie that was far too big for them and from the hood I could only see small stands of their fringe. I couldn't establish the gender at all. He or she held their hands to their face as they sobbed into them. Just as I was about to reach my hand out to them, a large car pulled up.

The man from inside stepped out the car, holding something behind his back.

"Are you lost?" He spoke soothingly.

The child nodded quickly, "Yes..."

"Have you no friends?"


"I see... Here..."

In his hand was a cupcake with pink frosting and a candle. The child finally smiled and took it gratefully before thanking him.

Bite after bite, the child turned paler. It was only when they fell to the ground with their eyelashes fluttering softly that the man's skin leaked with a purple goop.

When I looked back at the man, I was back in the old office but Jeremy was nowhere to be found.

"Oh? You're not the murderer are you, now?" I barked bitterly.

"No. Not really..." The purple man grinned.

"Who are you anyway?"

"Shouldn't you be more concerned with who the puppet is?"

I nodded again and before my eyes, everything went black. When I managed to open them, I was home again, in my bed. The clock read 2am.

I'm home...?

I turned as I felt something shift at my side, Kelly slept beside me, most of the blankets over than me rather than her, I grasped one of the blankets and placed it over her skin which was icy cold.

Were you worried about me, Kelly...? What happened to me...?

When I looked up again, my whole body went cold, the vent was open, exposed. The same black figure was standing there silently, the smile on their face growing wider as I noticed them.

"She tried to look for you... she dragged you all the way home..."

"Really?" I dropped my gaze at Kelly, "I know who you are now, at least..."

"Oh? Did you feel sorry for me?" The puppet chuckled.

"Do you know who did it...?" I asked as it's non-existent stomach twitched with it's laughter.

The marionette paused abruptly and shook it's head, "No... I remember nothing... not even my name..."

"If I promise to find out who you were, will you please let me rest in peace...?" I groaned.

The marionette nodded it's head so fast I thought it's neck would snap, "I will take your word for it..."

And with that, it was gone. It scurried back through the vents. I sighed and allowed myself to lay back.

"Mike?" Kelly shifted quietly, "Would you ever marry me again?"

I sat up and allowed my head to rest on my knuckles, "Yes, why?"

"You don't love anyone else do you?"

"No... why...?" I asked quietly.

Silence lingered.

"Because I love you." A certain flash of light in her eyes convinced me it was true.

"I love you too."

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