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Prompt(s): Credit To Owner

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like Larry Stylinson.

Stranger: Rp? I have a few prompts. x

You: sure :)

Stranger: Alright! Is there any type of prompt that you don't like to do or would like to do? x

You: No I'm okay with pretty much anything :)

Stranger: Alright! I'll send a few so you can just chose one, lol. x

You: Okay :)

Stranger: (Mpreg) Harry and Louis fooled around over three months ago. They were both pissed drunk when it happened in the seemingly too hot sheets. They both woke up the next morning knowing exactly what had happened, but agreed not to discuss it. He didn't know if Louis had actually wanted that, but Harry never wanted to keep it secret. He understood why though, because they were best friends and it would have just been weird. But after that, they both weren't really the same. Harry had just always felt a little something for Louis ever since they had known each other, but he had never really acted on it. Howver, about two months after fooling around, Harry had started getting sick quite often and he was always feeling clammy and fatigued and especially not hungry. But whenever he did eat, he ate a lot, so he figured that was why he was gaining a little weight. Harry had been spending more time with Niall now that Louis was always wrapped up in his new boyfriend. He was actually the one to tell Harry that he had looked pregnant, jokingly of course. But, that got Harry thinking and he ended up taking a pregnancy test that ended up postive. He then went to a doctor and made sure he was actually pregnant. He cried with Niall for a few days before getting himself together. That was a few weeks ago though and he was really starting to show now. He had bought a few maternity clothes so he wasn't clearly popping out of everything. He had also made a decision that it was time that he told Louis. He was walking up to his flat from Niall's house one night when he walked in on Louis and Zayn making out on the couch that made him completely uncomfortable. Yeah, he really couldn't do this. (Continue as Louis, make him however you want. Long/medium replies please. x)

Stranger: Harry was easily the school's punching bag. He wore nice button up shirts that held his neck too tight, pants that rode up too high, and glasses that were just a little too big for his face. But he liked how he looked and he was very comfortable in his body. However, no one else really was. He was pushed around and was called a few bad names throughout the school day, but he could usually push through with ease. But, there were days like this where he was just pushed over the edge. He was walking through the hallway with his books held tight to his chest when he was tripped and fell right on his face. His books spread out in the hallway, making a loud noise which had people snickering. His nose was hurting quite a bit since he landed right on it. It all happened so fast he didn't realize that he hurt himself. He quickly grabbed everything he could before running to the bathroom. He threw his books down and sat beside them and started to cry, not caring that his nose was bleeding. (You can make Louis however you want, teacher, new kid, bully.. Etc.. Thank you! x)

Stranger: Harry once made a porn video. It may not be a big thing for many people, but the thing was, Harry was underage; only sixteen. He'd made it with his boyfriend at the time, and they decided to put it on the internet, just for fun. That was until everyone at the school found out and harassed him for it, posting pictures up all around the lockers to try and get to Harry. His boyfriend left him, but that was the last thing he really cared about. All the slurs and profanities never really bothered Harry. He actually really liked being on camera. But his parents thought otherwise. Once they found out, they decided to send him to a Catholic boarding school. Harry protested the whole way there until his parents kicked him out of the car. He stomped his way to the admissions office and picked up his keys for his room. He tugged his bags up the stairs and walked inside. While sitting his things on his bed, he was so wrapped up in his thoughts, he didn't even realize that he had a roommate at the other side of the room. (Continue as Louis, long/medium replies please. x Harry will be a bit feminine.)

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