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Liv's POV

I stood there like a total idiot, he just ran out without saying anything...that means I caught him....I pushed his buttons...but why ?

I went to my window and saw him walking away towards the suprising.

I went down and told our parents that we would go outside a bit, luckily they hadn't heard Brent walking out in a cloud of rage.

It was just a question of time until I would find him, I knew every inch of our woods here.

Exept from that middle-sized stone on the floor...I fell down again and crashed to the floor.

"Damn how did you survive for such a long time here without me looking after you ?", it was Brent. I looked up,  he stood directly above me.

I got up again, he held me at my elbow, because I toddled a bit. "Seems like you hurt your head a bit huh ?" I touched it...big bruise "Oh...that's why it hurts. Whatever" "Liv let me look at it ! I'm a Ice-hockey player, I know about stuff like that", he smiled a bit. "Duuude" "Shut up Liv" "Well it isn't that bad" "Like I told you...I thought you were mad at me ?" "What should I do ? Let you lay there like a drunk squirrel ?" I poked him. "You still walk like your drunk.", he laughed and put his arm around my shoulder so I couldn't fall again. I snuggled my head on his didn't hurt that much then.

We walked like that til we reached my home and the end of the woods were we saw our parents waiting at their cars.

They looked at us like we were aliens from outta space "Hey you twoooo", I hated my mom for that. Brents' mom had that weird look on her face, our dad's looked at the cars like they would see them for the first time in their life.

"Did you have fun ?", his mom asked before smiling at my mom. "Please don't make this situation for them even more awkward", whispered his dad laughing loud enough to his mom so we could hear it.

Damn ! Brent was right...they thought we were a couple, would get married and get thousands of little Seabrook babies. What the hell went wrong with them ? I looked at Brent searching for help "See now they're ashamed", was all his dad said...giggling...I never heard him giggle. "We have to do something about them" he looked at me "Truce ?" "Truce.", he agreed.

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