Chapter 6 - Chocolate moments

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-2 weeks later-

~In Arendelle~

I run into the shop to see all the different flavours of chocolate.

"Oh. My. God. SO MANY FLAVOURS !!" I scream with Happiness... I am about to die from Happiness and CHOCOLATE!

"Mhmm see why I wanted to get out the castle so quickly. This chocolate store has all the flavours from all the different countries. Basically it's chocolate Heaven." Anna smiles (basically like this
-> 😏 you can only see with emoji)

I was about to drool when Merida came in with Hiccup. I sucked it all up. I casually smiled when they walked in.

"Go ahead." Merida smirked.

"Pffffttt Whaaaat?! Hah! me? nooooo...... can I?" I say smiling like a pedo.

"We live with Anna. Nothing new there but watch out for a your sugar levels because if you are worse than anna having a Sugar Coma or going Hyper or even a Sugar Rush. We have iced water for when you pass out because we throw it on your head to keep you hydrated from all the rush." Hiccup says holding up water.

"Yea waking up wet, cold and confused inst fun... You also get low energy levels so your really lazy and can't move and I want to see what happens to you" Anna says, she was pretty curious but I can't do it.

"I cant.. If water touches me... I short out. Remember my training last week? I realised a lot more about my powers. The water won't help. PLUS IN CREATED BY ENGERY. ELECTRICITY FLOWS THROUGH MY VEINS REMEMBER! I have electricity powers... I will short out like a human wire." I say. My face drops.

I can't believe that I can't eat loads of chocolate. I'm only aloud some. THAT WONT COVER MY CHOCOLATE CRAVING!!!

"Well you better keep you scoffing under control." Merida says.

"Why don't you two just kiss already." Anna smirks at Hiccup and Merida.

"Wait, am I missing something? ARE YOU TWO GOING OUT?! Why did nobody tell me sooner?!" I shout excitedly.

"WAIT WHAT?!?!" Merida and Hiccup shout simultaneously.

Me and Anna laugh our heads off.

-5 minutes later-

"Ok I picked all the chocolate I want and think is yummy and put it in the backpack. So that I only eat it separately but still eat all the chocolate I wanted" I smile happily

"34457 pieces of chocolate?!? THATS MORE THAN ANNA! She picked out 22459 pieces... Wow and I thought Anna was a Chocoholic." Merida said carrying the bag.

She was the strongest and also wanted to so de could considerate as training. Anna carried her own. I smiled happily and flew.

~At North's Workshop~

"Hey girls! How much cho- Woaahhh." Jack said as we walked in.

"Haha hiccups a girl." Merida snorted.

"Hiccup was always a girl. Forget that... WHOS BAG IS THIS?!" Jack shouted pointing at the bag.

"Mine. The biggest. The bestest... If.. Thats a word" I smirk.

"We are sharing that bag." Jack smirks.

"You touch it your dead Frost." I say

Me: (-.-)/🍫🍪🍩🍫 {nu. Mine. Fight me for it. You die.]

Jack: (>owo)> {Gimme Gimme]

Merida and Anna: (^u^) {lel hiccups a gurl]

Elsa and Rapunzel: (O.O) {woah]

Hiccup: /(;~;)\ {I'm not a girl]

"Pleaasse!!!" Jack begs.

"Nope. My food. Nobody messes with me my food. Food is bae." I say while eating a chocolate bar.

"Don't tease meee!" Jack wines.

"Forget it frost." I say eating my third bar.

"You eat fast." he says noticing I'm on my 8th bar.

"I know." I say now on my 12th. I put my bag in my room because now my home is gone... I now live in the Workshop with North.

Jack doesn't if your wondering. He's immortal and doesn't age so he doesn't sleep. He just flys about and checks on the kids as a guardian.

"Anywayyy. Merida and Hiccup!!!" I smirk.

"Oh yes. MERICCUP!!!" Anna shouts as loud as she can.

"Seriously. stop." Merida says. She bought herself like two chocolate bars. She is still on her first one. Slow coach.

"Yes. I would rather not. There is no chemistry between us." Hiccup says while he has his nose in a book.

"Well opposites attract." I say sitting down. Everyone stares at me.

"What." I say. I raise an eyebrow and everyone smirks.

"WHAT?!" I say shouting.

"Pffftttt. So like... you and Jack." Merida smirks.

"NOOOOOO!!! Don't start this again!!! I'm going to kill you!" I say flying over to her and grabbing her neck.

"okay okay!!! I WAS JOKING! QUIT IT!" Merida says gasping for breath as I let go. I turn around to see Jack blush.

"Anna watch this." I whisper to Anna.

I walk up to Jack and I'm really close. His cheeks go really red. I smile and batter my eyelids and then stroke his cheek with my hand. His face turns red like a bunch of Tomatoes dipped in Red Sauce while in Tomato Soup.

"oh my god she can actually make Jack blush" Anna burst out laughing and so does everyone including me. Jack gets mad and storms out.

"Omg. That was priceless" I smirk.

"Wait does that mean.. Jack likes Hannah?" Rapunzel says.

"Wait what?! No. he was just embarrassed me stroking his cheek in front of you all... Heh. Right?" I say suddenly not laughing.

"Oh god." Anna says.

"Heh I will go see him." Elsa asks.

"Nope. Stay back Elsa. Hannah should go." Merida says holding Elsa back.

"But but! I WOULD WIN! If If I spoke for a little? PLEASE MERIDAAA" Elsa cries.

"Nope, and neither do you Rapunzel and Anna don't give in to them." Merida says blocking the door.

"Maybe I should. We are best friends me and Jack. He would be honest to me." Hiccup said putting down the book.

"Hiccup. No. Hannah go now before I push you out myself." Merida says.

"Fine." I say.

Hannah: (._.)

Merida: o-(>.<)-o

Rapunzel and Elsa:
<(;~;<) <(;-;<)

Hiccup: <(•-•<)

I walk out to see Jack sat on the edge of the ice cliff. North does actually live in the North Pole so it's cold.

I fly over and sit next to him. He turns his head the other way.

"Hey are you ok?" I ask.

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