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Tobias gets out of the shower, grinning. I pull my most recent face, a sarcastic smirk although I'm not trying to be sarcastic.

"What's gotten into you?" I ask 'astonished' - I'm not.

"I don't know. It happens that I'm living a happy life." He smiles at me, I stare into his eyes, smiling back.

"Right. Well, I'm going to head to Christina's." He stares at me, annoyance lingering in his face.


"Baby shopping." He sighs.

"Why are you even friends with that loud-mouthed Candor?" I pull an offenced look.

"Hey, she might be loud but she's my friend, stop insulting her." I say defensively.

"Whatever. I guess I'll see you later then, Tris."

"Yep." I grab my jacket, considering it's becoming winter now so the cold's getting to my bones.

"I love you!" He shouts as I open the door.

"I love you too." I say, slamming the door behind me. I don't know why I slammed it...I guess that I just pushed it too hard by accident...

"Christina." I say trying to smirk. My new attempt again.

"Tris!" She releases a deep breath.

"Do you want to go baby shopping?" I ask. She literally explodes.

"What's gotten into you?! Wanting to go shopping with me ?" She looks at me expecting for me to say she's wrong.

"Yes. Me and Four haven't got much stuff for the twins yet so..." I trail off, not exactly sure what to say.

"Right, let's go! Will!" She shouts loudly. "I'm going shopping with Tris!" I faintly hear Will say,

"Tris? Shopping?"

"Yes!" Christina yells.

It turns out, we didn't find all that much. I ended up getting a few baby clothes, some extra cot cushions, small dreamcatchers and shoes for them. It's alright for Christina. She only has one child to buy for and a boy...Girls can be picky, 'I don't like this colour', 'I hate this style of top!' all girls generally are like this at the teen stage of life. (Me)

"Well, Tris?" Tobias says as I collapse onto the sofa.

"Hmm? What?" He chuckles.

"I said, how was it?"

"Oh, right!" I say a bit panicky. I feel skittish but I don't understand why. "Well, I got a few baby clothes, some extra cot cushions, small dreamcatchers and shoes for them so..." I yawn. "...Yeah..."

"Well, we could go furniture searching if you like, tomorrow I mean." Tobias scratches the back of his neck. I guess it's not just me who's nervous for no reason.

"Yup, we'll have to find some furniture that actually matches, I've searched for weeks, no luck in finding any-"

"Tris," I pause, sending him a cheeky  grin. "Don't panic, we'll find some somewhere..." I smile and cuddle into his chest. He kisses my forehead. There's four gentle taps on the door. I'm about to get up but Tobias stops me, placing a hand on my knee.

"I'll get it, don't want you to be pushing yourself." I frown slightly. I'm not an incapable. He practically runs to the door. "Caleb." He says.

"Hey, I was just visiting you two. Can I come in." Tobias turns to me. I nod. "Thanks."

"Hiya." I say to Caleb who sits next to me, where Tobias was previously.

"Hi, B-Tris. How are you?" I nod.

"Not bad, yourself?"

"I'm great actually. I'm not keeping you up, am I?" I shake my head vigorously.

"No, me and Tobias where just..." I look at Tobias, trying to find the right wording. "Talking." I shrug slightly.

"I still can't believe I'm going to be an uncle. I never imagined it."

"Yeah, well, with all those Abnegation thoughts, I doubt you had time to think of things like that..." That did not mean what it came out like. I didn't mean to insult Abnegation. It's Tobias. He is always offending them, it's grown on me.

It turns out Caleb was only came to tell me or us one thing. He has a new 'bird'. Serai. She sounds nice. He explained her to have long jet black hair, almost white eye colour - the iris - and a Dauntless born. Apparently, they worked together and he only knew her from work and he claims. 'Serai has a multidimensional personality, with Abnegation like traits infused with Dauntless and Candor traits.' to me, she sounds like she's shy and quiet. Like Beatrice  used to be. However me, Tris, am not so shy and quiet anymore. I blame Christina completely. I stiffle a giggle. I hadn't even noticed Tobias went to get changed for bed. I get so lost in my thoughts, about everything, Tobias, Christina, mum, dad, Caleb. Even my babies and their future. I have to say it; I love life.

The picture though!!! Tiny Lilly Collins (Any of you who don't know, TMI - The Mortal Instruments - Clary Fray.) she's absolutely ADORABLE!!!! AND SHAILENE!! LICCLE SHAI!! AWWWWWW!!! EMMA WATSON AND JENNIFER LAWRENCE! JUST...AHH...THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!! AAAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!

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