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-The Festival-

It was the end of the war and peace had once again settled over the shinobi lands. A festival is taking place to celebrate the survival of the Pein arc, after all the leaf village had been destroyed and was now once again standing proud. For one man it was indeed a special day, after all his life goal had been accomplished and the village finally acknowledged his existence.

He smile and puts down his hat and removes the cloak that proved his worthiness. Just like his father he had become the Hokage, it took a long time to achieve his dream, however this particular dream had come true. Namikaze Uzamaki Naruto the 7th Hokage for the village hidden in the leaves.

He was wearing a simple stripy yukata with a spotty obi. His beautiful wife had convinced him to take a day off to celebrate this occasion with his old team mates. She herself would meet up with later along with his son and his daughter, who he had no doubt would look adorable in their traditional attire.

As he walked along many villagers greeted him kindly with warm smiles and he returned the gesture. He spotted an old team mate, Hanuro Sakura, after all with a head of pink hair she stood out. She was linking arms with her lover and his other team mate, Uchiha Sasuke, while he was Naruto's best friend and was regarded like a brother he could a real teme at times.

An evil and quite frankly childish thought popped into his head, let us hope Sakura-chan was on guard. Quietly and stealthily Naruto crept forward and screamed in Sakura's ear, which in turn made her jump and scream herself. However before he could even blink he was pinned to the floor with a kunai at his neck.

His bright blue eyes met the cold darkness of Sasuke's eyes, even with the position he was in he couldn't help but chuckle.

"Whoa there Sasuke no need to kill me over a small joke."

Said man just sighs and looks at his blonde team mate, as much as he respected and cared for the baka, he could be really irritating sometimes.

"I would prefer it if you didn't attack my wife."

Sasuke said while pulling the blonde up, but the blue eyed man just laughed while dusting himself off.

"I see she has received the status of wife now, wasn't it to long ago that viewed her as an annoying fangirl?"

Both Sakura and Sasuke give me death glares which cause me to sweatdrop.

"Hehehe... Erm... Guys it was a joke, seriously lighten up!"

They both scoff and turn away in sync, yep, they were definitely made for each other! If only we knew that this would be the last time we saw each other I am sure we would have cherished it more...


I have made yet another naruto fanfic... But this time it's time travel I hope you like :D

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