Becky's POV
I left Nash's at around 11 but obviously I didn't have to walk far. I was quite tired because today was pretty stressful. I enjoyed hanging out with Shawn and Nash, obviously because millions of girls would die to be in my place, but I couldn't stop thinking about Ollie. The doctor said she was fine but they couldn't be certain. I hoped all the tests went fine. I put on my PJs and hopped in my bed. I watched a couple YouTube videos and some vines and I went to sleep at around midnight.
*Next Day*
I woke up and I was really craving chocolate so I threw on some random clothes and headed out. I was walking along where I saw two people, walking down the street laughing. The looked like a couple but I recognised the boy. I hid my gasp as I realised the boy was Nash. What came next though was worse. They leaned in and kissed each other. I couldn't believe it. I knew me and Nash weren't together but I'd never felt like this about anyone before and I was sure he liked me too. My throat started burning. I was angry and panicking. I felt my anxiety kicking in so I sprinted home. I thought over and over about what had just happened. I really liked him but I was wrong he clearly didn't like me and I had to change his mind.

I'm sooooo sorry that this is SO short and I'm gonna try my hardest to update tomorrow but I just really wanted to leave this on a cliffhanger

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