*Author's note: Just a disclaimer. The song in the media section will not coincide with the song sang closer to the end of this chapter*

 *Dean's POV*

        When Anna placed her hand on my chest, my heart flitted in response. I've never felt that before. I instinctively placed my hand over hers.

        Her hand was soft and delicate. I looked into her eyes. "Why?" I asked, not really understanding this. I just knew I didn't want this to end. 

        "Please stay here. Joanna needs you. I need you. " She whispered softly. I couldn't bear to leave her again. I didn't come all this way to leave again. 

        "I don't know what to say. I left you years ago by yourself. I thought you hated me." I admitted. A single tear fell from her left eye. 

        "I know Dean. It still hurts. I didn't want to believe you could change. I didn't want to forgive you. I wasn't ready to do that." She said, with her hand still on my chest.  I just noticed that.

       She pulled it away. "I know I hurt you, Anna. I'm sorry for all the pain I put you through. I wasn't ready for that commitment. Even if I had known that you were pregnant, I wouldn't have been able to stay. I had a lot of things going on, but I would have still tried. " I said sentimentally. 

        "I know, Dean. " Was all she said. "What do you mean you know?" I asked, with a confused look. Within that moment she leaned upward and crashed her lips into mine. I held her closer to me.

        She pulled away. "I'm so sorry. I don't know what came ove--" I cut her off and crashed my lips into hers again. She didn't seem to mind.

        Our mouths moved in sync for a slow and passionate kiss. This made my night much better. Here I thought I was about to leave and never see Anna and our beautiful daughter again. 

        She broke off the kiss, even though I wanted more. "Go get Sammy, you two are staying here. I'll go get the two spare mattresses that I have in the closet. " She instructed with a smile. "Okay." I nodded.

        She disappeared into her bedroom. I went outside to get Sam. I knocked on the shotgun side mirror. Sam was asleep. He didn't look all that comfortable anyways. He didn't say much today. Wonder what's up.

        "Sammy, get up. We're staying here tonight. " I said when opening his door. "What?" He replied sleepily. "Come on. " I said, motioning him to follow me. It's a good thing we took all of our belongings with us before the game. 

        He got out of the car and closed  the door behind himself. "Can I ask you a question Sam?" I asked. "Sure." He replied. "You have barely said a word today. Why?" I asked. It was bothering me.

        "I don't know, Dean. Joanna's your daughter. Anna's the mother of your daughter. I talked to Anna a little in the restaurant. What am I supposed to say? " He asked. "I don't know. Anything. Sam, you can't just NOT say anything. You're Joanna's uncle. You have to talk to her. " I said, a bit loudly.

        "Whatever. Let's just get inside, it's cold out here." Sam complained. "Since when have you cared about the cold?" I asked. He didn't reply. Oh well.

        We walked into the house. The beds were made up pretty well. The beds looked really comfortable actually. 

        "There." Anna said, putting the finishing touches on it. Sweet. "You don't have to do that. " I whispered. "I know, but I want to." She said, offering a small smile. She had a beautiful smile. So did Joanna. I missed so much of her life. 

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