Chapter 3

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I went to my 3rd pd. which I had some help from Toby who was also in my math class. Yay... He's a nice guy he just, strange. I think it's me. I don't fit in with his crowd. Math was uneventful. Beside the teacher which I didn't catch the name. Almost fell when he interned the room. No one noticed expect for me I think.
Next was green house with Mrs, Greene. Kind of stange she would be teaching greenhouse and your name has green. But anyways she was about 5"2 and maybe a half. She had blond hair that flowed over her shoulders and perry gray blue eyes, her skin was fair be on fair. She wore a green shirt with a pair of blacks slicks and side on shoes, and an apron. "Emerald James!" i heard my name being called. It was Mrs. GreenLeaf. She said something I couldn't hear but my brain heard it anyway.But my mind know it anyway. "To dry lavender, cut a bunch with approximately a hundred stems and bundle with a rubber band toward the bottom of the bunch. Pull apart a paper clip and thread one end through the rubber band. Hang your bunch from a chain or rope, upside down in a warm, dark,dry room with adequate circulation." I feel like an computer now. "Great. Now class you can take the dry lavender in front of you and start to take the flowers off of them. and place them into the fish oil. We will be using these to sell in the cafeteria. If you would like to buy one of them for five dollars of course." She explained.

I was the first one to get the lavender in the fish oil, but what she ignorantly forgot to mention is that you have to let the oils of the lavender set in the jar of fish oil for at least a week. Then take the access oil and put it through a coffie felter and use that oil as a perfume. I think I was talking out loud because Toby looked at me like I was crazy. "What never seen a girl talk to herself before?" I asked him. "Well yeah, but you just going in on and on about the lavender. Have you done this before?" He asked. "Yes.. No, I've done it many times. And she said something wrong. You have to let the oil set with the lavender in it for a while and then use a fiiter to get the oils out. It's accutly a very pleaseing process." I was done.

My next class was Culinary, which was on the other side of the school. I litery had to run to the get to it. Culinary was a good subject for me. I am really into science and herbs and math and all that stuff that can lable you as a nerd. It don't matter to me. Because I'll proably just move again in a year or so.

But anyways, I think it's been really hard on Aunt Eliana.That's because.. she lost her son. I get that. Jack wasn't his real name. It was more like a nickname. Like my old friends used to call me Em. But that is for another time, because I know if I think about I will cry and sob until I drown of filuid on my lungs. I walked into my class. The first person I saw was Emily and Ayla sitting down together. Then Daniel and Ryder sitting together. The teacher Mr. Roberts gave me a seat behind Ryder and Daniel. I seat down. I felt terrible like someone who was stabbing my hands. I look over at Daniel his nails were in his hands and he was looking down. It was like something happened, is he angery. Class began. I fouces on the borad instend of the pain in my hands. I looked over back at Daniel he was bleeding, blood in his hand. Ryder looks over at him, whispers something in his ear. Then turned back to the work. We were taking a pre-test, I know litterly everthing on it. I was the first done. I walked up to the teachers desk and laid the pre-test on it.

I walked back and I saw Daniel's eyes they glow a bright yellow. I felt myself fall back, I had hit their desk, then hit my head on the desk infront of them which had been occupied by Emily and Ayla. My head hurt as I hit the ground. I heard someone said My name and if I was alright. The pain in my hands faded away. I saw Ryder's face then Ayla's I think I am going crazy. Pale yellow eyes and the long nails only mean one thing, He's a werewolf. I tried my hardest to stay awake. "Emerald, are you alright?" I heard Ayla's voice say. I felt a hand on my head. "Come on Frenchie." I heard Ryder's voice he helped me up. "Sorry." I said. "About what, being a cluse?" I heard Ayla say."Hey your bleeding." She added. I didn't feel anything. "Your hands." She explained touching my hands. To see the extact marks as Daniel had."It's nothing," I said, "You sure?" Mr. Rogers asked. I nodded. Trying to go back to my seat. I seat back down, next to me is a boy that is on the wrestling team, he was about 347 pounds, buzz cut hair, his skin was as pale as white sand. "You alright?" He asked me. I think his name is Dan. I nodded. "Just, dizzy.." I said. "Do you need to go to the nurse?" Ryder asked me, I didn't even know he and Daniel were staring at me. Daniel's eyes are normal now.

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