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Another horrible day. Why do I even bother? No friends, law sucks, and I'm constantly burdened with the weight of my horrible thoughts.

This goes through my mind as I walk from my house to the university campus. Thank god I'm leaving here soon.

Now, remember, Dan. Don't speak or you'll say something stupid. Don't make eye contact because you're too awkward. Sit at the back of the class like usual. Be absolutely invisible. That's best.

Thank you, self. As if I needed a reminder.

I walk across the grounds to the first class on my schedule, head down, quick strides, making very sure not to trip over my huge feet.

No eye contact. Eyes on the ground, Dan. Eyes on the-

My concentration is stopped by someone standing in my way.

"Erm...uh...excuse me...sorry..." I manage to get out, except much quieter than I meant. Like usual.

"Aw, is the wittle emo twying to get to his cwass? Tough luck, cuts."

I can feel tears coming after that last comment as I keep my eyes on the ground. I recognize that voice. The same voice that torments me every day.

"PJ, please...I just need to...to get to class."

Suddenly, another familiar voice chimes in. "Come on, Pj, let him go. We've got class on the other side of the grounds."

Phil Lester.

Pj huffs. "Fine," he says. I finally look up. I see Pj directly in front of me with a sour expression. Phil is a few meters behind him with Chris, another cronie. Then I hear Pj address me again. "But watch your back."

I stare at their retreating backs, and silently thank whatever supernatural being put Phil Lester in my life.

so that's the first chapter! thoughts? if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment :)

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