So I have to make one of these, because I forgot to say it in the other chapter so yeah.

Anyways. I do NOT own, or in any way claim to own Teen Wolf. All rights go to MTV and Jeff Davis.

HOWEVER  I DO OWN Felicity and her story line, along with any story line(s) and characters that aren't apart the the actual Teen Wolf show.

Do not steal my idea(s) or character(s), because I will find you. I will castrate you. And it won't be pretty what else I do to you. 

You have been warned. Enjoy.

Bless Shefs (Wendihoes) for the bae af cover thanks bae

So some of you may have noticed that there  are the words "Reboot(ed)" "Under contruction" "editing" ect. I was not happy with where this was going/ how it was written so I am re-writting it. Majorly. A lot of things will be different, for example the story will be starting at the very beginning of 3B instead of near the end. It was/was going to be waaayyy to rushed if I did it that way and I just wasn't happy with how things were unfolding and the amount of "room" I had to explain things.

If there's any confusion please feel free to ask!

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