Pokémon / Internet Crossover

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Elite Four - Pixel (Ground), Ciel (Dark/Ghost), Ally (Electric), Haylee (Fairy) [Each have a Pokemon that defy this rule. Ciel has Glaceon, Pixel has Jolteon, Ally has Umbreon and Haylee has Mightyena]

Champion - The Champion is a double battle between Jen (Water) and Psych (Fire)

Gyms - Shane (Fighting, gives you the Fierce Badge(?)), Hazel (Ice, gives to the Deep Freeze Badge), Haley (Grass, gives you the Leaf Badge (?)), Danaka (Rock, gives you the Solid Badge), Star (Psychic, gives you the Clarity Badge), Indy (Steel, gives you the Blade Badge), Jay (Bug, gives you the Crawler Badge), Mayhem (Flying, gives you the Wind Badge(?))

Starting Trainer - If male, their original name is Elliott. If female, their original name is Allisson

Rival - Jack. He was very unenthusiastic with becoming a trainer in the beginning, and had a slight fear/discomfort with Pokémon. By the end, he had grown a strong bond with his starter.

Evil Team - Team Clear. Goals are uncertain for now. Leader is Vivian, Admins are Flickr and Ragnell. (We have ideas for the intentions of the team, but I'll wait on posting that)

Region Name - Gyryn

Cities (where the gyms are located) - Briant (Bree-ah-nt), Noive (New-ah-vuh), Visua (Visual without the "l"), Eon, Astel (Ah-steh-le), Chrome, Tallic (Tah-lick), Vition (Vih-sh-eon).

Towns - Chrisona, Varmen, Ollen, Priama, Sidrum, Tridian.

Extra bits;

-Psych has a connection with Pixel and Ciel of the Elite Four, while Jen is much more connected with Haylee and Ally.

-Psych and Jen both have mega stones. Psych uses it on her Houndoom, Jen uses it on her Gyrados. (Pokemon may be changed at a later time)

-Ally is shown rather often in the main story, but for some reason never says she's one of the Elite Four. Perhaps she wants to prevent intimidation?

-Psych wears a scrunchee with a pin in it. Later on, the pin is shown to have a key stone on it.

-Jen drags a staff with her wherever she goes. The staff is very large, and it turns out that the orb at the end is made of a type of opal.

-Jen has a chain on her jeans (it's where one of the belt loops are), on the chain is her key stone.

-Jen used to live in Sinnoh, but moved away, Psych was born and raised in Gyryn

-Jen has a massive fear of many fire types, especially the fire/ghost line (Litwick, Lampent, Chandelure). This is why her team consists of water types.

-Psych bitterly despises bug types. Unfortunately, the forest outside of her hometown Chrisona is full of them

-Both of Team Clear's Admins are agender.

-The Admins are also douchebags

-Psych's full team is Flareon (Jupiter), Chandelure (Venus), Houndoom (Saturn), Haxorus (Neptune), Zoroark (Mars) and Scizor (Mercury). Her double battle team is just Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

-Jen's full team is Vaporeon (North), Milotic (Polaris), Gyrados (Centauri), Aurorus (Suden), Gardevoir (Glicese) and Flygon (Sirius). Her double battle team is North, Polaris and Centauri.

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