Chapter 11

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Kians pov

~next morning

I woke up around 8:30 I went downstairs to go make breakfast.

~ skip until Kian cooks

No one was awake yet I went to go wake Lottie and Laura. I walked upstairs very quietly. Babygirl wake up I whispered in her ear. Her eyes shot open and she started crying and hugging me. Baby what's wrong? I questioned worriedly. I had a bad dream it was where I could see all the guys and you saying you hated me and never cared or wanted me. And then I had a weird part of it. It was where you loved me to much and killed Trevor she  whispered into my chest. Baby me and all the guys love you and Laura. We would never say that about you I smiled at her. I love you daddy she whispered in my ear. I'll leave you to get ready and wake Laura up by the way I made breakfast I said. Bye Kiki she smiled.

Connors pov

I woke up at 8:50. I looked in the mirror and dayummm every day I wake up flawless (sorry I just had too 😂😂) I smelt food cooking it smelt like pancakes! Down the stairs I ran and there were blueberrie pancakes YUMMMM! Then I heard some one coming down stairs it was Kian. What's up Kian I asked. Nothing much you he questioned. Eating a pancake I mumbled. Hahahah he just laughed. Connor do you know if the girls are doing anything today? Kian asked. Ye they are they're going ice skating with their friends I mumbled. Kk Kian said.

Lottie's pov

Kian woke me up and know I have to wake up Laura. Laura wake up its 9:00 am we have to get ready to go ice skating I whispered to her. I forgot omg she said. Let's go get ready. I showered and done my makeup the same with Laura and used the toilet. (Clothes above) if you were wandering why are we going ice skating because it's Christmas in 2 weeks. I'm so excited I asked for only a few things here's my list

•iPhone 5s white
•camera for filming videos
•tv for our room.
•go on a holiday
•buy a MacBook
• clothes
• shoes!!

Laura's pov

After me and Lottie got ready we both went to have breakfast.
~skip to after breakfast and YUMMMM

So me Lottie Kian and Connor decided to scare the boys. We all had our rooms picked I was going to Trevor's. Lottie was going to Ricky's. Kian was going to Sams and Connor was going to jcs. After the prank we just scared the shit outta them. We were all sitting downstairs and it was a bit awkward bcos Kian wouldn't talk to Trevor and JC wouldn't talk to Sam. Hey Laura Kira Nicole and Ava just texted me they'll be here soon Lottie mumbled to me. Recently me and Lottie have been getting a lot of hate of fans on Twitter and Instagram.

10 minutes later

Nicole knocked on the door and me and Lottie ran to it and hugged her. Omg I can't wait to go ice skating Nicole said. Ino same Lottie said. Wanna go Lottie said. Ye let me grab my bag I shouted. Bye guys me Lottie and Nicole yelled. Me and the girls were in Kira's car listening to music when uptown funk came on we all looked at each other we all knew what was about to go down.

Song uptown funk

~ chorus

Girls sent ya hallelujah x3



Don't believe me just watch x4


~ song over

Lottie's pov

We got to the ice rink 20 mins later and let me tell you me and the girls were so excited we bought our tickets. And got our ice skates then got on the rink we got in trouble for 5 people linking they said only 3-2 people can link so I linked with Nicole. Laura Kira and ava fell like 3 times. Then 5 cute guys on the rink they looked about our age. I told the girls to go flirt with them bcos I'm dating Trevor. The girls were talking to them for a while and one of the boys came up to me and skated with me. He was sweet we talked about what we were doing today he asked me if I wanted to hang out sometime he gave me his number and I gave him mine. With that 2 hours later him and his friends were still skating and me and the girls still were we decided we were getting tired so we went to take off our skates. As we were taking off our skates a few girls kept looking at us and some were laughing. Then about 7 girls came up to Kira Ava and Nicole. Hey there sluts! The girl that looked like a Barbie said. Hi Lindsay Kira Nicole and Ava said in unison. Did u sluts try to get one of the guys here to being you on a date one of the girls said. I wasn't gonna let them sluts talk to my friends like that. Bitch who the fuck do u think you are calling these girls sluts look at what your wearing! Your parents must be so proud I shouted at Lindsay. Who do we have here? Wait aren't you the girl that Kian Lawley adopted Lindsay spat at me. Y do u care I spat back. U do know they don't care about you Lindsay said to me. Listen slut I don't care what u say go change ur clothes. I think ur at the wrong place hun aren't you suppose to be at the strip club I spat at her. All the girls started laughing. She grabbed me bye the neck and pushed me up against the wall. Look bitch I don't like you I don't want to see you again here Lindsay said to me before she tried to slap me. Laura and Nicole Kira and Ava pushed her away from me. Laura LITREALLY jumped ontop of her and started bitch slapping her. I'm so proud of her! We left the place and said bye to the guys that we were with. Then we went to mcdonalds. We had a conversation about mine and Trevor's date last night. They said it would've been the cutest thing ever. Ava tapped me on the shoulder while looking at her phone it looks like she seen at ghost. what's wrong Ava I asked. She said nothing she just turned her phone around to me and she seen a tweet one of the girls posted it was a pic of me and Trevor at the waterfall last night. Omg what if kian sees this. Girls can we go back to my house.

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