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I didn't sleep that night every thing was going down hill. I started to here about the propos that "the mockingjay" was making and how they began more riots in the districts.

Everyone was buzzing now in 13. They now had hope that the uprising was gonna work. But I didn't, i kept thinking it would make things worse, thats why I always wanted to leave here. Every time I would tell Marcus about it he would tell me I was crazy. But yesterday in the lunch room was totally different.

I had I feeling he was just sick of being here. Well then again so was I, every thing about this place made me want to puke. Then one day while I was wandering around going up and down the stairs. I stopped at floor 34 I paced down the hall. It wasn't a doormetory floor there were laps every where. Then there was a room that couaght my attention. On the door it said Emergency Clone Lab only use if solders need serious help.

It had a huge mechine in the middle of the room. There was a plat from on the side of the machine where I thought you stood as the machine takes your DNA. The idea gave me the creeps so I walk back to my room.

When it was time for lunch I took the stairs instead of the elevator. It gave me time to think things threw on how to escape this place. I would have to wait until Coin has one of her speaches to escape. It would be the perfect time to do it, no one would be watching they would all be focoused on Coin.

Once I reached the lunch room I saw her Katniss Everdeen the girl on fire was sitting next to Marcus. When I sat down next to both of them Katniss glanced at me. " So you want to get out of here?" She asked as if she wanted to tell us she to wanted to. I knoded and added " And I know the perfect time to do it." Marcus then looked at me. I started to explain to them my plan about Coins speech.

The best part about this was that Katniss too, couldn't handle it here she didn't want to be part of the war and the new Panem. But what brought her down the most was that she agreed to be the mockingjay and she loved Peeta, Gale, Prim and her mother to much to leave. Then it hit me, the clone machine could make duplicate her and let her leave.

I explaind how it would duplicate her and if she wanted it would make her care less about her family. Suprisingly she agreed.

Every day at break fast, lunch, and dinner katniss would join us. She would tell use the horror of the arena and what they did to her. I felt bad for the girl to have so much on her back. She had a good reason for wanting to escape. Slowly I started becoming a friend towards her.

Then one day it happened I was in my room I heard the alrams. This is an emergency alarm please proceed clamly to the bunkers on floor 40! That made me hesitate I knew what was going on, the capitol was going to atack us. But then some thing evil poped into my head, I could escape know or die down there with every one else. I ran to Marcus' s room and he was already packed. Aprently he had the same idea. We ran up and down the stairs trying to find Katniss then I knew where she would be, she would be looking for Prim. I ran into the lunch room and there she was.

She looked at me as if wanting to say this was our chance but she couldn't leave her family know. " Nows our chance we have to get to the clone room because if we don't leave now we never will!" She noded and we all head towards the cloning lab...

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