"What happened to your parents?" A friend asks her. "They both divorced. Left me alone and put me in a foster. Like any of you guys have similar stories." She said and got back to work. "BE QUIET!" The owner of the foster care shouted at the girls. They immediately got to work.

At the end of the day they all went to bed. But Caroline. She couldn't sleep. Always having nightmares and dreaming about the day her parents were fighting over her. She moved to her side. Saw her friend Jasmine sleep. She tried to close her eyes. She did eventually and fell asleep.

"WAKE UP GIRLS! TIME FOR WORK!!" Her owner shouted. Her name was Teresa. A nice name. She was rude, mean, and cruel to the girls there. There was at least 50 girls there. Working their butts off everyday and trying to at least survive.

The door bell rang. Everybody stopped working and checked who was at the door. "It's Iron Man." A girl whispered. "Tony Stark!" Another girl said. Than the man walks in. Caroline couldn't believe her eyes. It really was Tony Stark! The Iron Man was in the building. He was talking to Teresa about something.

"CAROLINE QUINN!!" Teresa shouted. She came running to her and stopped to catch her breath. "Yes ma'am." She said and stood perfectly straight. Tony was right next to her. In her mind she knew what was going to happen. Or at least what's goin to happen. "This lovley man wants to adopt you." Caroline had a huge smile on her face. "Go get pack. We're leaving today." Tony smiled. Caroline nodded and ran back upstairs.

"What happened?" Jasmine asked. "Tony Stark wanted to adopt me. We're leaving today." Caroline smiled and jumped around. But she also felt bad because she has leaving her friends. "Oh. Well I'm happy for you." Jasmine smiled.

Caroline packed her stuff and ran back down the stairs. "I'm ready sir." Caroline acted cool and not freak out or anything. "Have fun Caroline." Teresa have her a hug which made Caroline kind of uncomfortable a little. Her friends gathered for a last good bye. "I will always remember you guys." She gave all of them a hug.

"Are you ready Caroline?" Tony asks "I am so ready." She replied "Good." Tony and Caroline both walked out the door. Her friends were all waving and saying goodbye to her. "I am Tony Stark. Or as you might know... iron man."

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