Chapter 32: The Games

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"Ugh why..." I groan. I hit my alarm clock. Why the hell did I have one set? It's a freaking Saturday, and I don't even have school anymore! Ugh.

I pulled myself out of bed slowly, getting dressed in a cyan long sweater, with jean shorts, that the sweater covered up most of it, and black boots.

I walked downstairs, and pulled out the milk and cereal, as well as a bowl. I shut my eyes as I poured the cereal and the milk into the bowl-

Well I thought it was the bowl until I felt cold liquid on my hand.

I looked down, and saw that there was a huge mess on the counter, and the milk was on my hand on the counter.

"Seriously." I mumbled, groaning.

I quickly cleaned it up, and by then I was wide awake, so I finished actually pouring the cereal and the milk, and ate the food. I just stared into blank nothingness, just thinking.

Maybe it is finally over...

Maybe- or maybe its just the eye of the storm, and something else will happen.

I don't know.

What does my feelings to Seto mean? Last night, when I was dared to kiss him, I felt something- What was it? I-

"Hey Alissa!"

I fell to the floor with a loud thump.

"Oh gosh! Sorry!" The voice said, and they picked me up, and I saw it was Seto.

I groaned. "Augh~ You gave me a heart attack... hah..."

"Sorry!" He laughed shakily.

I rubbed my head as I caught my breath. "Its fine."

"Sorry." He repeated. I grinned.

"Its fine, again Seto~"

"You alright?" he says scanning over the side of my back that hit the floor. And I laughed as I pushed him away. "Im fine Seto, honestly!"

"Alright." He said, as he looked at me, and I looked at him, and we just looked at each other for a moment or two.

Seto grabbed my hands, and swung them slightly, and dropped them, smiling. My cheeks heat up.

I hugged him, and he wrapped his arms around my back. (Well this Is awkward I don't know how to write love) I buried my head in his chest, and captured his scent. I felt butterflies in my stomach, and let go of him.

"So um..." he said as his face grew red. I grinned at him.

"Hey, I had a question." Seto said.


"Well, um, about last night." He said, nervously wracking his hands. "Did you.... Feel anything when we kissed?"

"Well your lips."

"You know what I mean!"

"Yeah. I did." I admitted.

"What did you feel?"

"I dunno! It's a mixture of emotions! Like, I felt-"

And I was cut off, by lips on mine.

I wrap my arms around him, and kiss back. All I'm gonna say about that.

AAAAfter that kissing session, I smiled at him, blushing once again.

"What did you feel in that?"

I grinned. "You know. Or you should know~"

He grinned back, holding my hand.

"Hm?" Shadow said, and we dropped hands, me still blushing slightly.



"Really." I said sarcastically.

"SHUT UP IM TRYING TO SLEEP" Dillian screamed. We were all alone in the house, since Mr and Mrs and Enele were at work.

Most of the day was pretty normal, until sOMEONE


Created this game, where someone would ask a question and everyone had to answer it.

Shadow went first. "Whose your favourite youtuber?" (all of the responses besides Setos are true :P)

"Seto or MunchingBurrito." I said bluntly.

"Not just me?" Seto pouted.


"Anyways, Myself, of course." Seto said laughing. Everyone here knew he was SetoSorcerer by now- I was actually the last one to figure out. Im not too smart.

"MINECRAFT UNIVERSE~" Dillian shouted.

"Hush, child." I said.



"Anyway, August, what's yours?"

"Um, Bodil40..."


"HUSH" They all said. I stuck my tongue out.

"Annnnd finally, Amber?"

She shrugs. "I don't watch youtube."

With that, we all gasped, and yelled quietly.

After that, we all kept on doing the same thing.

After about 15 rounds, everyone who was visiting had to leave, so we let them- it was a bit after 9 o'clock anyway. I yawned, and walked upstairs, and went to sleep.

Later on, I woke up, and immediately noticed something was wrong. I felt myself being dragged, and quiet murmuring. I smelt something sweet over my face, and I started to feel weak. "Oh, she woke up." One man said.

I felt as if I couldn't move, and I barely got the thing off my mouth as I smelt foul odors. I tried to get out, but I felt something baring into my skin, and I winced in pain.

"Stop struggling, you're only making it harder on yourself." One murmured.

I let out a quiet sob. I knew something was going to go wrong. Im just left praying that no one will be hurt. I felt them cover my mouth with something else, and I felt drowsy. The last thing I saw was a car door opening, and then I past out.


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