Chapter 31

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Alissa walked out of the place where she took her test, her GED, and walked home. She had a slight limp, but after she got out of the hospital, she had to go to the doctor’s clinic for a few months, every other week, and they had told her on the first visit that she will always have a slight limp in her left leg. She didn’t mind it too much, but of course it could be a bit irritating at times.

She stopped walking once she reached the bus stop, and looked down at her phone as she checked the time. It was around 11pm. She decided she would stop by a Subway, and get something to eat. She got on the bus, and paid as she sat down. The bus smelt brand new, and it reminded Alissa of a subway car- no pun intended. The bus lurched forward slightly, and it jerked her forward slightly from her seat.

She watched as the tall skyscrapers past by her, but she could only see forward, so she saw the doors to hotels, nightclubs, and people and cars passing by. She put her head on the window, as she saw the doors open to a park like area. A few people came to sit, and one sat right beside Alissa.

“Hi!” She said.

“Hello!” Alissa greeted. The girl looked older than her- about 3 years older, but she wore pig tails and glasses. “Im Julie!” (HHHHMMMMM WONDER IF ANYONE FOLLOWS HER ASK.FM)

“Im Alissa.” Alissa nodded. “How are you doing them, Alissa?”

“Im fine, how about you?”


The two chattered, and they had to get off at the same stop, but they had to go different ways.

“Bye!” Alissa waved, smiling.

“See you around!” The 19 year old waved.

It was around 12 o’clock when she got there, but the person who fixes the food was yet to be there, and Alissa stood at the front of the line. It was about 10 minutes when he got there finally, and two people had joined the line behind her. He disappeared as he waved at a busboy, and then came back a moment later. His nametag had Martin on it, and she could pick up a hint of a Bulgarian accent in his voice.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, what would you like?”  (hm, fourth wall broken.)

“Oh, its fine- I would like a meatlovers sub.” (would you like that with deer meat?)

“Alright, one moment!” he said, with a cheery voice. She watched him fix the sub, and he got it back to her. “Thank you!” Alissa grinned, paying him. “You’re welcome!” he said with a grin. “Next!”

Alissa sat down, and ate her food. She cleaned her mess, though it was the busboys job to do so, she did it anyway.

Alissa got back on the bus, and rode it to home.

When she got back, no one was there. As to be expected- it was still March- school didn’t get out til’ May.

Alissa sat down on the couch, and turned on Netflix on the television. Alissa started to watch Sword Art Online.

After God knows how much time, everyone was getting home. Seto had been staying with them a bit more often, so it wasn’t surprise when he walked through the door with Dillian and Shadow.

“Hey~” Alissa said, staring into the TV, then she turned it off.

“How was your day?”

“Gooooood! How about yours?” Dillian said, plopping down next to Alissa on the couch. “I had a good day- met two new people when I went to do my test thingamabob- then I got Subway~” She said.

“Gouda cheese.” Seto commented. Alissa smiled, looking at him.

Sooner or later, they ended (666 words .-.) up playing some Truth or dare.

“Alissa, truth or dare?”

“Dare, of course!”

“Kiss Seto.” Dillian smirked. Alissa smiled, a slight blush on her face.

And when Alissa and Seto kissed the world exploded.

The end.


No not really xDDDD


Alissa blushed as she got close to him, and Seto closed the distance.

Dillian and Shadow laughed, and the two separated while blushing.

It went around like that, and soon, it was 9pm. Seto had to go home, and everyone started to go to sleep.

Alissa looked at the new mirror in her room. She tilted her head as she smiled.

Maybe everything is finally going right, finally. Maybe the sun is finally coming out.

She smiled as she turned out of the bathroom, leaving the door open, and the light off.




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