They eventually got done with me, and they ended up subscribing me Zolaft. (I MISSPELLED IT IN THAT CHAPTER SORRY)

Funny how that was the medicine that my friend/crush had tried to overdose on.

How do I know that?

The author told me, of course. (DAMMIT ALLISA STAY IN CHARACTER)

“Alissa? We’re at the pharmacy. Wanna come in?”

I nodded. I walked in behind my m-Dillians mom. Not mine.

Mines dead.

How do I keep on forgetting that?

Could I stop?

I don’t think so.

Shut up.


“Alissa?” Dillians mom said. “I got it.” She sighed.

“Lets go.”

I wasn’t really paying attention. I was focusing on the fact that I felt like a freak. Who wouldn’t in my position?

I sighed as we got back in the car, and started to drive home. I felt slight rain drops as I got in the car, and I stared outside as it began to rain harder.

Every time it rains, the sun will eventually escape again…  After the rain comes the rainbow…  you cant have paint without pain.

I stared out. But there will always be more reasons to frown, than to smile. I felt like I was having an internal fight of rain and shine.

Eventually we went home, and I saw Seto standing there, under the patio. I notice him looking back inside, as if talking to someone. I opened the car, and he looked out to where I was.

“There you are!” He said, though he looked ready to go. He stared up at the sky the best he could- he did have a roof still over his head. Rain pitter-pattered on the ground and the eves of the house like quick footsteps, and it was raining harder now, and the car door was getting soaked.

"Lets get out now." Dillians mom said quickly as she opened the door, and ran inside. I just sat there staring at Seto as I slowly got out, getting soaked in the rain. I shut the car door, my clothes weighting down on me. 

Seto ran out into the rain, not caring seemingly, and carried me up to the patio. Now both of us were soaked.

"You really didnt-" I started. He put a finger to my mouth. "Shh..." He said hugging me. I let out a weak smile, and we held the hug for a little while there. After we broke away, I stared into his eyes.

His beautiful eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes.

I leaned in, and I kissed him.

Not really.

We were rudely interrupted by-

"HEYYYYYY!" Shadow shouted. We jumped apart. I turned away from him and blushed.

"What? Did I interrupt something?" She said.

"Y-yes...." Seto said irritably. The heavy clothing was starting to weigh down on me.

"WELLLL TOO BAD!" Shadow shouted.

"W-well anyway-" Seto said. "I best be getting home. Think my phone got soaked. Oh well." He sighed. 

We heard a loud crack of lightning, and suddenly I fell.

Seto was sitting on me.

"U-Um..." I said. He jumped up and blushed lightly. He stared up at the sky.

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